Next-Gen Smart Covers Could Wirelessly-Charge iPads

Apple's belated entry into the wireless charging scene may have been accelerated by its development of the iWatch, a wrist-wearable computing device, which will obviously not run off light or kinetic energy, and will require regular recharging. The company's first major wireless charging effort, however, targets its established iPad product line, specifically its Smart Cover.

Apple just filed a patent application with the USPTO, over its concept of "integrated inductive charging in protective cover," which indicates Apple doesn't want to make its future iPads any bulkier with induction coils, but rather its protective cover. Today's Apple Smart Cover for iPad and iPad mini serve the functions of protecting the screen, and acting as a stand for the device, by folding out. It could be interesting to see how Apple handles an induction coil through the folds. What's also interesting is how a coil, even as big as what the diagram shows, could supply the device with 5V @ 2.1A (10.5-Watt).