Samsung Galaxy S IV Reveals Its Innards

Samsung Galaxy S IV is finally launched, but guys at Chinese outlet IT168 have some intriguing photos to show. Just few hours after the official launch, we have a chance to see the Galaxy S IV innards. The phone comes with dual SIM slot for Chinese market, and the outer frame is made of aluminum die cast.

Samsung used Exynos 5410 processor inside the Galaxy S IV which is rumoured to run hot. Because of that, the company has created a special heatsink sheet for the processor. Along with the mainboard, there is another smaller circuit board which has USB port on it. The camera module is the 13-megapixel BSI CMOS.

On the back of the main motherboard, we can see several chips like the CPU, memory, storage, radio chip. On the front of the motherboard, there are another set of chips which are only visible after the shield plate is removed.