EA Holds Battlefield 4 Event on March 26

EA announced a special media event covering the unveiling of the next major update to its Battlefield franchise along the sidelines of Game Developers Conference 2013, on the 26th of this month. In its invite sent to the press, EA described the event as the beginning of "a new era of Battlefield."

With Battlefield 3 and its various expansion packs already pushing the technological boundaries, at least for this generation of PC hardware, there's only one inference one could draw from EA calling the next Battlefield the change of an era, a switch to "Free2Play" and micro-transactions. Such a model has been experimented with on older Battlefield titles, but seldom with a new game in the franchise. EA may have commanded $50 for the main game, and up to $50 for a set of timed expansion pack launches with Battlefield 3, but there's potential in adopting the F2P model from day one.

DICE, the developer behind Battlefield games, recently concluded Battlefield 3 with the launch of its last expansion pack, Battlefield 3: Endgame. Battlefield 4 was announced last July, and EA pitched early access to its beta for people who purchase the flop Medal of Honor: Warfighter. There was also speculation in the months that followed, of DICE working a follow-up to its spin-off series, Battlefield: Bad Company 3.