Team Fortress 2 Gets Oculus Rift Support

Valve announced an update to Team Fortress 2, which lends it support for the most popularized virtual reality system in recent times, Oculus Rift. Enabled through video settings, the Oculus Rift mode renders the game in a binocular format needed by the VR headset. The developer edition of Oculus Rift is available in small quantities, in the hands of a lucky few (who supported the Kickstarter campaign), and will soon be able to blast their way through Team Fortress 2 in virtual reality.

Valve will stream the update for Windows, OS X, and Linux versions of Team Fortress 2, through Steam, in the coming few days. "When we first played an early version of Virtual Reality mode in Team Fortress we were blown away by the immersion we experienced.", said Joe Ludwig at Valve. "VR is just getting started, but it is going to have a big impact on gaming. This update will let us share that experience with more of the Team Fortress community."