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HTC Teases A Handsome Phone, Possible One A9

HTC is one of a few companies that is skipping the upcoming IFA 2015 trade show, but it won't stay quiet during that time. Instead, the company has released an image, teasing us with a "handsome" smartphone announcement that will take place on September 9.

3rd-Gen Nest Thermostat Launches, Costs $249

Nest, which is owned by Google, has announced a new version of its thermostat. The third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat comes with a larger, higher resolution display, slimmer design, and new UI. Compared to the last Nest, this version has a 40% larger display.

HTC Cutting 600 Employees To Cut Costs

In an effort to further cut costs, HTC is planning to layoff 600 workers. Those employees, who are located in Taiwan, will be laid off near the end of October, according to a report from DigiTimes. Of those 600 employees, around 400 are working in research and development.

Amazon Fire Devices Get Sling TV

Sling TV, an internet TV service operated by Dish Network, is now available on Amazon Fire HD and HDX tablets. The live TV service will be available to users for two weeks for free. Once the short trial is over, Sling TV's basic subscription costs $20 per month.

Xiaomi's First USB-C Phone Is The Mi4c

A leak has revealed Xiaomi's first smartphone with USB-C, the latest USB standard, is a handset called the Mi4c. The phone was first mentioned earlier this year and now a complete spec list has been leaked via GizmoChina. The Mi4c includes a 3000 mAh battery and Snapdragon 808.

Japan Creating Entirely Automated Indoor Farm

There's an entirely automated indoor farm set to be built in Japan that will be capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce per days. The Spread Vegetable Factory is going to build this factory for $16.5 million next year and it will eventually be producing 30,000 heads a day.

Nintendo New 3DS Now Coming To North America

Nintendo's small New 3DS, an upgraded version of the portable gaming system, is finally going to reach the North American market. The release of the New 3DS in North America was hinted at in June during E3. Nintendo has confirmed the North American release with a press release.

Google+ Collections Now Available On iOS

Google announced Google+ Collections three months ago and now support for it has reached the service's users on iOS. Those who are still using Google+ can now curate their feeds on iOS. Curation can bring more relevant images and conversations into a user's feed.

Samsung Creating Its Own News App

Samsung is partnering with Axel Springer to create a news app. The partnership was announced by both companies on Tuesday and their collaboration will result in the creation of digital media that's only available to Samsung customers. A news platform will first launch in Europe.

Nexus 5 Specs Reveal Slightly Upgraded Battery

More specs for the upcoming Nexus 5 have leaked and the latest round suggest the phone will have a fairly good battery life. LG's Nexus 5 was further detailed by Android Police and sources say the phone will focus on battery life and a fair price over the best hardware.