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Club Nintendo Officially Shuts Down

Club Nintendo is officially shutting down and all codes connected to the service need to be redeemed by July 31. The rewards program has been around for years and Nintendo is now closing it for good this week. Club Nintendo's shutdown has been known for a while.

Facebook Could Get Its Own Music Service

Facebook is reportedly in the process of meeting with music labels because it wants to release its own music streaming service. According to The Verge, Facebook has sat down with labels but details of their discussions aren't available. The service will be "unique."

iOS 8.4 GPS Bug Fix

Upgraded your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS 8.4 and having GPS troubles after? The iOS 8.4 GPS bug is real, but thankfully, there's an easy fix for it. iOS 8.4 users facing GPS troubles are unable to use apps such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze etc.

Huge Nexus 6 Price Cut Finally Makes It Affordable

Motorola recently slashed price on Moto X smartphone, but if you're not interested in the Moto X and would rather purchase Nexus 6, then you'll be lucky to hear it has received a huge price cut. The phone has never been cheaper than it is now in Google Play Store in the UK.

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Starts On July 7

Microsoft has announced that a big game sale for Xbox One will start on July 7. The Xbox 360 users will have to wait until July 13, but eventually they will also get a chance in getting cheap games. The sale will offer huge discounts of 40 to 50% on more than 70 titles.

Dark Souls Series Reaches 8.5 Million Sales

A report on the Dark Souls series reveals the games have seen over 8.5 million sales. From Software presented the information and reports Dark Souls had 2.828 million sales, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition had 2.765 million and Dark Souls 2 had 2.311 million.

XOLO Black Handset Coming Next Week

XOLO, the subsidiary of Lava, is preparing a new smartphone series called Black and has posted various teasers recently. It might not be a flagship smartphone, but surely it has a few interesting things to offer to users and we doubt it won't sell well.