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Sony Lavender Leaks In Live Images

Sony Lavender is a codename of the upcoming bezel-less Sony smartphone, which is also rumoured to be a camera-centric phone due to dual 13-megapixel cameras. Thanks to site, we have first live images of the smartphone, which looks impressive.

Firefox For iOS Enters Beta Testing

Mozilla has begun recruiting beta testers for its iOS Firefox browser, meaning we could expect to see it in App Store in the upcoming weeks. The app is currently only available for an iPhone or iPad running the iOS 8 or newer, so no luck for those with iOS 7.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Might Be Impossible

Apple is reportedly working on a technology dubbed "Rootless" that would bring an end to jailbreaking. Put simply, iOS 9 jailbreak might be impossible. It's no big secret that Apple isn't a fan of the jailbreak community. The company has been at it, trying to fix exploits.

Next Week in Gaming: May - Week Four

Continuing on from last week, this series of articles is to help keep you guys up to date with what's been happening in the gaming world, and fill you in on what's coming in the week to come. I'll be announcing game releases, interviews, as well as introducing next