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Dark Souls 3 Receives First DLC In The Fall

The first DLC pack for Dark Souls 3 will be out in the fall, Sony accidentally revealed in a now-deleted tweet. Called "Ashes of Ariandel," the pack includes new weapons, spells, and other content. It reportedly features a PvP map called Immortal Competition.

Mozilla Asks Public To Help It Pick New Logo

Mozilla has turned to the power of the crowd in its journey to find a new logo. A list of potential logos has been published by the company and viewers can tell Mozilla which ones they like. Some of the designs are quite unique and each has a built-in message.

Opera Releases Free Unlimited VPN On Android

Opera has come out with a new VPN tool for Android users that provides free and unlimited service. Similar apps for iOS and desktop were previously released by the company. With Opera Free VPN, users can get around region blocks and mask their mobile activity.

Pokemon Go's Key Metrics Are Now Declining

Some important figures pertaining to the popularity of Pokemon Go show the game is now in decline. The game took off faster than nearly any other mobile title when it launched in July, but user interest is dropping, says a report from Axiom Capital Management.

Dragon Quest XI Will Be On Nintendo NX

Another Nintendo NX game has been confirmed, with Square Enix making it clear that it plans to bring Dragon Quest XI to the platform. An NX version of the game was mentioned in July 2015, but comments about it were later retracted. This latest statement clears things up.