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Huawei Also Announces Budget Honor 5 Handset

Besides announcing a flagship phablet, the Honor Note 8, Huawei has also unveiled an entry-level smartphone that costs only 599 Yuan or $90. Dubbed the Honor 5, the handset is expected to go on sale in China on August 2, while the global availability is unknown at the moment.

More Than 1 Billion People Now Use 4G LTE

At the same time as billions of people have essentially no access to the web, over a billion people are using 4G LTE. 4G-Reports has released a report showing there are 1.05 billion LTE users, with people in China, the US, and Japan making up around two-thirds of that number.

T-Mobile Is The Fastest 4G Network In US

It's not the largest wireless carrier in the United States, but T-Mobile does have the fastest 4G network. A report from OpenSignal has found T-Mobile comes in above the other three main carriers and the report is based on findings from 180,000 mobile users.

T-Mobile Launches 4G LTE Home Router

Prior to its upcoming UnCarrier X event, T-Mobile has introduced a 4G LTE router for Simple Choice customers that'll let them power their home or office. The 4G LTE CellSpot is meant to act like an actual T-Mobile tower, improving service in areas that may a good connection.