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Tesla Buys Robot-Centric Manufacturing Company

Tesla has acquired Perbix, a longtime supplier that's based its manufacturing operations around automated systems. The purchase will help Tesla boost its own manufacturing capabilities, specifically those utilizing robots. Tesla is focused on heavily automated production.

Broadcom Offering $130B For Qualcomm

Broadcom, a wireless chip maker, is officially offering $130 billion for Qualcomm. The deal would be the largest tech acquisition in history, but Broadcom is going to face a difficult negotiation period and likely fights with regulators. Its offer is a 30% premium.

Broadcom Might Acquire Qualcomm For $100 Billion

Qualcomm is a well-known company that makes chipsets and modems for mobile devices. It is mostly known for its Snapdragon lineup, but lately the company is dealing with a legal battle against Apple. Regardless of that, the company might be acquired by Broadcom, a wireless

Tesla Cuts Hundreds Of SolarCity Employees

Tesla is laying off a large number of employees who joined the company when it acquired SolarCity. It recently got rid of hundreds in its main vehicle division and now it's also laying off 200 solar employees for a couple reasons. It said it'd be laying off workers last month.

Google Acquires HTC's Smartphone Business

It was obvious that at some point, HTC would have to sell its smartphone business and the first buyer in the line was Google. The two companies have now announced that they have reached a deal and that Google would pay $1.1 billion in cash to acquire the smartphone division from