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Apple Raises OTA Download Cap To 150 MB

Apple has increased its over-the-air cellular download restriction for applications. You can now use your cellular connection to download apps as large as 150 MB, up from 100 MB. Though this is an improvement, there are still many apps that'll require a WiFi connection.

Apple Updates Desktop iTunes, Removes iOS App Store

A big update that removes the iOS App Store from the desktop version of iTunes has been released by Apple. You'll now have to manage your applications directly from an iOS device. Until now, it's been possible to browse for apps and install software to your device via desktop.

Apple Taking Down Apps From Iranian Developers

To fully comply with the US' sanctions against Iran, Apple is removing applications from Iranian developers from the App Store. Although there's no App Store for the region, there's a relatively large market in Iran for smuggled iPhones. Apple is facing some criticism.

Apple CEO Defends Censoring Chinese Apps

Apple recently pulled VPN apps from its Chinese App Store in order to comply with regulations instituted by the government. Since Chinese citizens already face a lot of censorship and stricter internet controls, some have criticized Apple for its move.

32-Bit iOS Apps Stop Appearing In Search Results

As Apple forcefully implements its shift away from 32-bit software, apps that haven't been switched to 64-bit are being excluded from App Store search results. Direct links to the apps still exist, but you can't really browse for 32-bit items. iOS 11 may be 64-bit only.

China Concerned About Apple App Store

China is concerned about Apple's App Store and is going to be "tightening up checks on software applications" that are available through the store, reports the state-run Xinhua News Agency. Chinese officials have been visiting the company's offices in Beijing.

App Store Devs Can Now Respond To Reviews

Developers whose apps are on Apple's App Store have finally gained the ability to respond to reviews. The option is included with iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4, and it represents a major shift for the store. Interaction of all sorts will now be possible.