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iPhone 8 Now Said To Have Slightly Curved Display

It appears no one can decide if the iPhone 8 is going to have a curved or flat display. While reports had claimed for a while that it'd offer a curved OLED panel, some recent reports said the opposite. Now, Nikkei (Japan) reports the display is curved, but to a slight degree.

iPhone 8 May Have Flat, Not Curved Display

Although many reports have said the iPhone 8 is going to use a curved display, IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam doesn't believe that's true. Rather, a flat OLED display will be offered on the 5.8-inch model. Flat OLED displays cost less and it'll be easier to increase production.

iPhone 8 Said To Have Iris Scanner

An iris scanner will reportedly be included with the iPhone 8, the highest-end iPhone model that'll be released in 2017. The component would let users authenticate themselves just by looking at their phone. DigiTimes says the phone offers an iris scanner and wireless charging.

iPhone 8 Rumored To Cost Over $1,000

Apple is widely believed to be making some big changes to the iPhone with the iPhone 8 and according to Fast Company, those changes come with a price. The handset will come in over $1,000, surpassing the top iPhone 7's $969. Part of the price is from its display.

iPhone 8 Reportedly Includes 'Enhanced Siri'

Apple intends to improve Siri in time for the iPhone 8. The digital voice-controlled assistant now has to compete with multiple alternative assistants, necessitating continued upgrades. In its current state, Siri isn't really ahead of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

iPhone 8 May Launch In 3 Sizes

Apple will reportedly expand its size options with the release of the iPhone 8. On top of the existing 4.7 and 5.5-inch models it's been offering with recent generations, there will be a 5-inch model, says Nikkei. This information comes from a source in Apple's supply chain.