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iPhone 8 Said To Ship After iPhone 7s

Because of production difficulties, Apple reportedly won't ship the iPhone 8 until after the iPhone 7s becomes available. It's going to reveal three new handsets, including the iPhone 8, next week. Yet a release won't be possible in the immediate future.

Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charger Is Not Very Fast

Another new feature for upcoming iPhone lineup is the addition of wireless charger, something Android smartphones had for quite some time now. Aside from alleged images of the components for external charging pad, we have also learned more about its capabilities.

More Images Of iPhone 8 PCB Leak Online

Just a day after first alleged image of the iPhone 8 PCB surfaced online, new images have appeared online. Unfortunately, they are not the same and since this is the first time we see iPhone 8 PCB, we can't tell which image is legit and which is fake, or maybe both are legit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pictured Alongside iPhone 8

Samsung has enough time to sell a decent number of Galaxy Note 8 units before the new iPhone series launches. We all know that even the new iPhone 8 will be expensive, it will be sold out as soon as it goes on sale. If you are still thinking whether to buy the Note 8 or wait for

Two Leaked Video Show iPhone 8 In Production

As mass production of new Apple iPhones reportedly started, it was only a matter of time before new details surface online. This time, two new leaked videos show the iPhone 8 is being assembled in a Foxconn factory. Although the videos are very poor quality and don't show