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Apple iMac Pro Might Have A10 Fusion Coprocessor

At the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit, which took place in Cupertino three weeks ago, Apple showed off the incoming iMac Pro ahead of its launch in December. What we have learned now is that although the PC has impressive processor, it might even pack additional processor.

2018 iPhones To Use 4x4 MIMO Technology

Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X are with us only for a few weeks and rumours about their successor have already started. While some may think that is too early, most companies already know how approximately will look their flagship phones one generation ahead.

3D Sensor Coming To Rear Panel With 2019 iPhones

With iPhone X, Apple unveiled a new Face ID sensor that is located at the front and was causing the company a lot of problems with production. Fortunately, the production is improving, but Apple is reportedly working on a new rear-facing 3D sensor system for its 2019 iPhones,

KGI Securities Analyst Talks About 2018 iPhones

It seems like it is never too early to start talking about next-generation smartphones. Apple has just launched the iPhone X, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available for a few months now. The well-known KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now shared his opinion about Apple's

Apple Working On A Fix For Freezing iPhone X Display

Google's latest Pixel smartphones are having various software issues, but they are not alone. Owners of the expensive iPhone X are now reporting the issues with the OLED display, which is becoming unresponsive at low temperatures. Apparently the display stops detecting touches in

Apple iPhone X Coming To 14 New Countries

Apple is struggling with the availability of its latest flagship smartphone, but it looks like the production of the iPhone X is improving and Apple is able to make more units. Because of that, the Cupertino-based company has now announced the second wave of availability to 14

Apple iPhone X Costs Only $357 To Make

Apple finally started selling the much anticipated iPhone X and as expected, the company couldn't meet demand. Thankfully, a number of teardown sites have managed to get their hands on one, revealing its design, as well as how much it actually costs Apple to make it.

iPhone X Shipping Estimates Drop To 3-4 Weeks

If you're buying the iPhone X online from the Apple Store you may get it faster than was expected only a week ago. The device's shipping window has now dropped to 3-4 weeks, after having risen to 5-6 weeks shortly after the phone's preorder period began.