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Apple iPhone 8 Won't Have Gigabit LTE

We are eager to see what Apple has prepared for us and how it will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Not many details have leaked on the iPhone 8, but we do know it should sport a reinforced glass chassis, a metal frame, and an AMOLED panel with very thin bezels.

Apple Black Out Days Hint At iPhone 8 Release Date

During Apple Black Out Days, advisors and leaders are be restricted from requesting days for time off, which often coincides with the launch of new products. The Cupertino company has reportedly posted blackout dates for staff, which also hint at possible launch date of new

Apple FCC Application Reveals 5G Tests

Apple has filed an application with the FCC to test 5G wireless technology, presumably so that it can improve connectivity on the iPhone. The document was discovered by Business Insider and it reveals Apple is applying for an experimental license to utilize millimeter wave bands.

Facebook Lets Streamers Add Other Users

Facebook Live users can now add other people to their stream, enabling Facetime-like conversations that everyone can see. The network's iPhone app now comes with the option to invite other people to join a steam, just like inviting someone to a Hangout.

Apple Will Receive Tax Concessions In India

Now that it's locally manufacturing iPhones, Apple is going to receive tax breaks it's been chasing after in India. The company will be allowed to import mobile handset components intended for local manufacturing without paying a tax, the government has confirmed.