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New Report Says No iPhone 8 In 2017

Over the last few months, we have heard a lot of information regarding Apple's upcoming smartphones. All reports suggest that Apple will announce three new iPhone models between mid-September and November, which were believed to be Apple iPhone 8 models.

iPhone 8 To Lack Gigabit LTE

Gigabit LTE support will be absent from the iPhone 8, reports CNET. The relatively uncommon feature has shown up in the Galaxy S8 thanks to the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 chips, but it won't be found in Apple's next top-tier handset, which is due later this year.

iPhone 8 Could Be Limited Availability Until 2018

The iPhone 8 may be revealed later this year, but it could be hard to get until 2018, according to a report from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He believes mass production of the phone will begin in October or November. This strongly suggests the phone will be hard to get until 2018.

All 2017 iPhones May Have Faster Charging, 3 GB RAM

Every handset that's released by Apple this year is going to come with 3 GB of RAM and lightning connectors that offer faster charging, reports Timothy Arcuri, an analyst with Cowen and Company. The 2017 models include the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and the premium iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 May Not Launch Until October, November

Apple may hold out on launching the iPhone 8 until October or November of this year, reports Economic Daily News (China). Due to "technical issues" encountered in production, Apple won't be showing off the phone in September like it usually does and other iPhones will.

iPhone 8 Predicted To Start At $850

The iPhone 8 has been rumored to have a base price of more than $1,000, but that might not actually be accurate. According to USB analyst Steven Milunovich, the phone is going to start at $850 to $900 for a 64 GB unit. From there, it'll jump to $950 to $1,000 for a 256 GB model.

iPhone Models Return To Indonesia

iPhone models have returned to the largest phone market in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. Apple will be able to sell phones in the country again now that it's committed to building a $44 million R&D center in the country. 4G smartphones must use local components.