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Corning Unveils Gorilla Glass 3 At CES 2013

Corning plans to highlight the company's newest glass solution at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. At the show, Corning will demonstrate the toughness of Gorilla Glass 3 and showcase the use in a larger format and multi-touch displays.

iOS Do Not Disturb Bug Welcomes 2013

Users starts reporting that their iOS 6 'Do Not Disturb' setting isn't working right. The problem is in scheduled time feature which needs to turn 'Do Not Disturb' feature off at some time, but apparently it doesn't. Interestingly, not everyone is reporting the issue.

Google Maps Returns to iPhone with SDK

Even as Apple Maps continues to lead scores of people around the world astray, Google Maps made its comeback on the iPhone, along with an SDK for developers to build their apps around it. The new GPS-assisted app also gives iPhone users turn-by-turn navigation.