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Ancient Battle: Rome Gets App Store Release

If you enjoy playing hex-based war games, you may be interested in knowing that Hunted Cow Studios has announced that the first in their new series of hex-based war game simulations, Ancient Battle: Rome, is now available on the Apple App Store for just $1.99

Apple iPhone Trade-In Plan Detailed

Apple has finally spilled some details about their long rumored iPhone trade-in plan. Under the scheme, one can return their perfectly working Apple iPhone and earn discounts when buying another iPhone, most definitely the latest one (iPhone 5S coming up).

New iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Pictures Posted

Blogger and Apple "insider" Sonny Dickson posted dozens of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C body pictures for the web's viewing pleasure. These are pictures of actual pre-assembled products and not CGI renders. Among the stuff picture include bodies and front-bezels.

Gold-tinged iPhone 5S Trim Named Champagne

We've known of a black+gold color trim for iPhone 5S for some time now, and the pictures we've seen so far reveal a shade and hue of gold that's more pronounced and pimped-out. Apparently the final iteration would feature a more 'soft-gold' appearance.

Apple Working on Gold-Colored iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C could come in a bouquet of glossy color options, which could make Apple's premium iPhone 5S lineup look rather bland, if it's limited to black and silver. That is, unless, the company plans to create a metallic color lineup out of the iPhone 5S as well.

Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 6 To Developers

Apple has released the newest beta version of their upcoming iOS 7 mobile operating system. Unlike the previous releases, the new iOS 7 beta 6 release brings very minimal changes. Think of it as more of a bug fix than a feature release. Official changelog inside.

Apple To Unveil iPhone 5S On September 10th

While we were already aware of the fact that Apple will introduce new iOS powered devices in the month of September, an insider source of AllThingsD confirmed to the world that the Cupertino company will indeed hold an event, on the 9th of September, for the iPhone 5S.

WinZip for iOS Updated

One of the most recognizable pieces of third-party software for Windows from the past two decades, WinZip, set foot on iOS with a pair of new apps for the platform; which lets you extract files from a plethora of archive formats, and create them in .zip and .zipx.

Apple To Trade-in USB Chargers for a Fee

Hot on the heels of the incident where an iPhone 5 user got electrocuted by using the device when it was plugged in, and attributing it to spurious chargers included in the product package, Apple set up a scheme to replace chargers of Apple iPhone and iPad users.