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Apple Has Sold Over 1.2bn iPhones

During the lifetime of the iPhone, Apple has sold over 1.2 billion smartphones, the company announced this week. While talking on the company's Q3 2017 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook mentioned the significant milestone. It had sold a billion phones as of July 2016.

LG To Supply Apple With Batteries For 2018 iPhones

With Apple's 2017 iPhones just around the corner, rumors about 2018's models have already started making their way out of the woodwork. According to The Korea Economic Daily, the South Korean company LG will be Apple's exclusive supplier in 2018. The report says that LG has made

Mira Prism Turns iPhone Into AR Device

Few augmented reality devices are available compared to virtual reality headsets and those that have launched are often quite expensive, such as the $3,000 Microsoft HoloLens. With interest in AR growing, that's beginning to change. Mira has launched an iPhone-based AR device.

All New iPhones Reportedly Delayed

The high-end iPhone 8 isn't the only upcoming model that's been delayed, reports Digitimes (China). All three iPhones have reportedly been affected by delays, contradicting reports that the iPhone 7 and 7s Plus are on schedule. None will be ready for September.

Apple Will Offer Mirror-Like iPhone 8 Model

One version of the iPhone 8 will reportedly come with a mirror-like finish. Benjamin Geskin, an Apple leaker, says a source within the company revealed the design option. It'll be among four color options for the iPhone 8. The others are thought to be white, black, and rose gold.

Apple Planning On 3 OLED Phones In 2018

Apple is going to come out with three OLED iPhone models next year, expanding from the one OLED model that's expected later in 2017. Nikkei claims Apple has adjusted its plan so that all iPhones launched "from the second half of 2018" will use the upgraded display technology.

Next iPhone Might Have 3D Face Recognition

Additional biometric security options could be added to the next iPhone, reports Bloomberg. The upcoming device is said to include 3D facial recognition technology that's enabled by the inclusion of a depth sensor. That sensor allows for fast, accurate scanning of a user's face.