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All iPhone X Models Will Have Black Bezels

We are just a day away from the official announcement of Apple's newest iPhone lineup. For the first time, Apple will announce three new smartphones - iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X to celebrate its tenth anniversary. One of the most rumoured features of the new

iPhone 8 Said To Ship After iPhone 7s

Because of production difficulties, Apple reportedly won't ship the iPhone 8 until after the iPhone 7s becomes available. It's going to reveal three new handsets, including the iPhone 8, next week. Yet a release won't be possible in the immediate future.

Samsung Could Rush Galaxy S9 Release

To be more competitive with Apple, Samsung could be planning to rush the release of its Galaxy S9 flagship, which would go up against the iPhone 8. According to The Investor, the product's AMOLED display will start shipping in November. A launch may occur in January.

Apple iPhone 8 Wireless Charger Is Not Very Fast

Another new feature for upcoming iPhone lineup is the addition of wireless charger, something Android smartphones had for quite some time now. Aside from alleged images of the components for external charging pad, we have also learned more about its capabilities.