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iPhone 8 Reportedly Includes 'Enhanced Siri'

Apple intends to improve Siri in time for the iPhone 8. The digital voice-controlled assistant now has to compete with multiple alternative assistants, necessitating continued upgrades. In its current state, Siri isn't really ahead of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Next iPhone May Have IP68 Water Resistance

The iPhone 8 (7s) is reportedly going to include IP68 water resistance, certifying it's less vulnerable to water exposure than the iPhone 7. Apple's current handset is only IP67-certified. This upgrade would put the iPhone in the same class as the Galaxy S7 and likely the S8.

iOS 10.3 To Add Theater Mode

iOS 10.3 will reportedly see the addition of a "theater mode" for those who want to be both polite and connected when at a cinema. Sonny Dickson, a well-known leaker, tweeted about the feature which is said to appear as a "popcorn-shaped control center icon."