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iPhone 7 To Be In Stores On September 16

Apple's iPhone 7 will appear in retail stores on September 16, says EvLeaks, who has also revealed preorders will begin on September 9. EvLeaks has a good track-record when it comes to Apple leaks. So, his sources on this matter are most likely correct.

iPhone 7 Expected To Have 3 GB Of RAM

Many reports, including some from reliable sources, have come out supporting the idea that the iPhone 7 will feature 3 GB of RAM, up from 2 GB in the iPhone 6s. At the very least, the 5.5-inch model will have 3 GB and it's possible the 4.7-inch model will as well.

iPhone 7 3.5 mm Adapter Shown In Images

The iPhone 7 isn't going to come with a normal 3.5 mm headphone jack and will instead force everyone to use the Lightning port or wireless. Since most headphones don't come with Lightning cords, Apple may include a 3.5 mm adapter with the smartphone.

iPhone 7 Preorders To Begin September 9

We now have a pretty solid timeline for the iPhone 7's launch and release. According to @evleaks, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will go up for preorder on September 9, with sales beginning September 16. No announcement date was provided in this leak.

Apple Has Sold Over A Billion iPhones

Since the original iPhone's release in 2007, Apple has sold over a billion units. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, announced the achievement during a special employee meeting at the company's Cupertino location. This sales milestone came much faster than the 500 million milestone.

Apple Confirms It'll Open Retail Stores In India

Apple is officially going to open its own retail locations in India, says CEO Tim Cook. The company has gone back and forth with the Indian government over the past few months and it'll finally be able to set up retail stores. India is one of Apple's "fastest growing markets."

Iris Scanning May Be Added To iPhone In 2018

More biometric security features may arrive in the iPhone in the coming years, reports DigiTimes. Iris scanning is reportedly going to reach the phone in 2018 and it'll join the iPhone's fingerprint sensor in letting people secure their handset in an alternative way.

Iran May Ban iPhones, Confiscate Existing Ones

If Apple doesn't appoint an official representative in Iran, the country plans to ban all iPhones and collect those currently in use. The move is part of an anti-smuggling campaign and since iPhones are often smuggled into Iran, the government claims it is fighting crime.