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Iran May Ban iPhones, Confiscate Existing Ones

If Apple doesn't appoint an official representative in Iran, the country plans to ban all iPhones and collect those currently in use. The move is part of an anti-smuggling campaign and since iPhones are often smuggled into Iran, the government claims it is fighting crime.

Video Shows iPhone 7 Compared To iPhone 6s

Videos and images posted to Weibo seem to show the iPhone 7 compared to the existing iPhone 6s. The video, which is over 2.5 minutes long, gives a detailed look at the design of the handset. Nearly all of the major design changes that have popped up in leaks are confirmed.

iPhone 7 Predicted To Have Up To 256 GB Of Storage

Apple may double the maximum storage amount with the iPhone 7, increasing it from 128 GB to 256 GB. TrendForce says the iPhone 7 will have the same maximum storage option as the iPad Pro, allowing people to put significantly more apps, music, and videos on their phone.

iPhone 7 Prototype Includes Four Speakers

Leaked images of an alleged iPhone 7 case prototype show the phone has four speakers, going against earlier reports of 1-2 speakers. It's generally believed the phone will ship without a headphone jack and it may receive a second speaker in place of that component.