News tagged: Artificial Intelligence

Intel Capital Has Put Over $1B In AI Companies

More than $1 billion has been invested in artificial intelligence (AI) startups by Intel's investment fund, Intel Capital. Among the companies that have received funding are Mighty AI, Lumiata, and AEye. The companies receiving money from Intel are focused on AI.

Baidu's California AI Lab Director Exits Company

The director of Baidu's fairly large Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) lab, Adam Coates, has left the company. His exit from Baidu was confirmed on his LinkedIn page. He spent his time managing a team of 50 machine learning developers, particular in the area of NLP.

IBM To Invest $240M In AI Lab From MIT

IBM has announced it's going to work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a new artificial intelligence research lab. The Watson-branded lab will receive $240 million from IBM. Many tech companies have reached deals of this sort with academic institutions.

Facebook Using AI To Combat Fake Ads

Facebook has detailed how it's using artificial intelligence systems to deal with a practice known as "cloaking," which enables malicious advertisers to obscure the actual target of their fake ads. There are instances where an ad's target site doesn't match what users expect.

Facebook's Translations Are Fully AI Powered

All of the translations carried out on Facebook are now powered exclusively by artificial intelligence. The social network sees 4.5 billion translations per day as a result of users regularly encountering posts in other languages. It's moved entirely to neural networks.

Google Fund Will Support AI Startups

Google has a new venture capital fund that'll specifically help support startups in the artificial intelligence space. The fund, known as Gradient Ventures, will offer both financial support and "technical mentorship" to young AI companies showing promise in the expanding field.

Google Reportedly Creates AI Investment Program

Google has reportedly put together an investment program specifically for artificial intelligence ventures. The venture capital program is led by Anna Patterson, Google's VP of engineering, according to Axios. This fits with Google's statement that it's an "AI first" company.

Apple Developing Dedicated Chip For AI

Apple started with artificial intelligence software back in 2011, when the company unveiled Siri. Since then, Siri evolved very much, but other companies have also joined the battle and are very competitive. To further diversify from others, Apple is reportedly working on a

AlphaGo Is Now The Top Go Player In The World

Google's AlphaGo, a piece of artificial intelligence from DeepMind, is officially the best Go player in the world. It won for a second time against Ke Jie, a 19-year-old who also happens to be the world's top champion. With that second win, Jie can't come back.