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Broadcom Might Acquire Qualcomm For $100 Billion

Qualcomm is a well-known company that makes chipsets and modems for mobile devices. It is mostly known for its Snapdragon lineup, but lately the company is dealing with a legal battle against Apple. Regardless of that, the company might be acquired by Broadcom, a wireless

Gigabit Available To 57.5 Million People In US

57.5 million Americans now have access to gigabit broadband internet, according to Viavi, a telecom hardware manufacturer. Viavi's report found the US has more people with access to gigabit internet than any other country. Though the prevalence of gigabit per capita is low.

Americans Are In Favor Of City Broadband

A new survey from Pew Research has found the majority of Americans support letting cities build their own broadband networks, something regular ISPs strongly oppose. Based on results from 4,000 people, Pew says 70% of Americans are in favor of letting cities build networks.