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Netatmo Camera Tracks Home Members

A connected home device from Netatmo has been revealed that can track the people who are in a user's home. The Netatmo camera is capable of tracking faces and information is streamed from the device to Android and iOS smartphones. Netatmo's camera has the

BlackBerry Details Camera Features In Upcoming BlackBerry Classic

With only a week till the official announcement and launch date, BlackBerry has decided to reveal some of the camera features in the Classic smartphone. Details were posted on the official BlackBerry's blog site, which arrived after browser and Amazon Appstore preview.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Ads Are Live

Samsung always comes up with impressive ads, and the new Galaxy Note 4 ads do well in keeping up their reputation. The two new ads focus on the 16 MP camera powering the Galaxy Note 4, and the S-Pen stylus which is one of the key features of the phablet.

LG Shows Off 20.7 MP OIS Camera Module

LG demonstrated its new 20.7 MP camera module at the annual Korean Electronics Show. The new 20 MP sensor comes with advanced OIS; it improves angular shake correction by the tune of 50% over regular OIS camera sensors. This could be based on Sony's 20.7 MP IMX camera.

Cyanogen Camera App Now On Google Play Store

CyanogenMod has released its official Camera App to the Google Play Store. This makes it easier for the CyanogenMod team to push out updates for the app, which only works with CM11S. That means, the CyanogenMod Camera App only works on one Smartphone - the OnePlus One.

HTC One M8 Eye Reportedly Has 13-Megapixel Camera

HTC introduced a few devices this week, but the one it did not mention was the rumored One M8 Eye. Details on that device have shown up on the Chinese e-store for HTC, essentially confirming some of the device's specs and the phone's existence. According to

'Seek Thermal' Adds Thermal Vision To Phones

Thermal vision can be added to an Android smartphone or iPhone with a new camera add-on from Seek Thermal. The camera device attaches to a smartphone's lightning or microUSB port, meaning that phones will have to be positioned in a slightly different way. Seek

iPhone Camera App 'Manual' Is For Advanced Users

A new camera application has been released for the iPhone, and it is targeted at advanced users. Manual provides users with all possible camera options for the phone, allowing an iPhone to become a better traditional camera replacement. Manual's full camera

EyeEm Has A New Camera Feature

The iOS camera app EyeEm has been updated with a camera roll feature and a full camera. With the camera roll, images are only displayed in the correct aspect ratio, which means all of the photos in the app look exactly as they are supposed to. Since the app has been
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