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Star Citizen Dev To Share Internal Timelines

To keep backers in the loop and potentially reduce complaints, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games will begin sharing its internal timeline. While the company's target dates are bound to change over time, showing them to the public lets people know where things stand.

Star Citizen FPS Module Revealed At PAX Australia

Chris Roberts, the founder of Cloud Imperium Games, gave the world its first look at the Star Citizen FPS module in a presentation held at PAX Australia. The FPS module, developed by Illfonic, gives us a glimpse at new ships - the Gladius, the Redeemer and the Mustang.

Star Citizen Races Past $50 Million In Crowdfunding

What is the biggest crowdfunding campaign yet? It's not a device that will cure the world of cancer, or anything of that sort. Rather, it is Cloud Imperium's massive and ambitious space sim, Star Citizen. The game has collected over $50 million from over 525,000 gamers.

Star Citizen Crosses $25 Million Mark

You can almost set your watch based on the funding that the game Star Citizen receives. Once again they have surpassed another million dollar milestone, this time $25,000,000, in about five days. The extended alpha is now on the table and capital ships are up next.

Four Days And Another Million For Star Citizen

We reported just four days ago that Star Citizen had hit the $21 million milestone and money from backers didn't appear to be slowing. We were right as the game has hauled in another million dollars and has exceeded the $22 million milestone. New unlock added too.

Star Citizen Surpasses $17M In Funding

Star Citizen, already the most crowd funded game in the history of crowd funding, has increased its funding two million dollars in the last month. Around the 1st of the month they had hit the $15 million milestone and by yesterday were sitting at $17 million in pledges.