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Homeland Security Employees Possibly Hit By Cyberattack

The US Department of Homeland Security was recently the target of a cyberattack that most likely involved the illegal acquisition of personal information about its employees. "Experts who have reviewed the facts gathered to-date believe it has all the markings of

Cyber Attack Targeted 75 American Airports

A newly published report has revealed that in 2013 a cyber attack was carried out that targeted 75 American airports. Federal authorities were involved in the investigation that resulted in the recent report. An investigation was kicked off after four airports were...

Report Reveals Second Chinese Cyber Attack Group

A new report has been published by CrowdStrike that reveals yet another group linked to the Chinese military that has been launching cyber attacks against businesses in other countries. The group detailed in the report has the nickname "Putter Panda" and according to...

Chinese And US Attack Traffic Down, DDoS Attacks On The Rise

In their 1st Quarter 2013 report of The State of the Internet, Akamai, an internet content delivery network, showed that attack traffic from China and the United States dropped, but that DDoS attacks were on the rise with enterprises targeted the most.

Microsoft's Macs Get Infected, Too

In a blog post made by the Microsoft Security Response Center, the company admitted to joining an elite group of cyberattack victims. All through February announcements were made by Twitter, Facebook and most recently Apple, who all may have dealt with the same malware.

Apple Gets Attacked By Hackers

Apple was the latest victim of a targeted OSX malware infection which turned out to be the same exploit that hit Facebook and Twitter recently. The offending Java plug-in has been identified and Apple have issued a security update. Apparently no data was compromised.

Facebook Is The Latest Victim Of Hackers

In a blog post yesterday, Facebook revealed it was the latest target of sophisticated hacking. Employee laptops were infected but so far no user data seems to have been compromised. Other high-profile targets in recent weeks include The New York Times and Twitter.

250,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked

In a blog post yesterday, Twitter has stated that they have been hit by a cyberattack and that approximately 250,000 user accounts have been compromised. A a precaution they have reset the passwords and revoked session tokens for the affected accounts.

Sony Gets Fined For Cyberattack On PSN

Yesterday, the British courts fine Sony for having insufficient security measures on their Play Station Network (PSN) that should have prevented a cyberattack. The attacks occurred back in April of 2011 and put at risk millions of players personal information.
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