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Moto X 2013 Developer Edition Available For $230

A deal has appeared on eBay for an unlocked version of the Moto X 2013 Developer Edition. The phone is available through eBay with the deal for just $229.99, and that is a massive price drop given that the phone is usually available for $500. The Moto X 2013

Motorola Readies Moto X 32 GB Developer Edition

Motorola bit the "developer edition" bullet, and is planning to launch a 32 GB Developer Edition variant of the Moto X. The phone offers a custom design with "Developer Edition" body markings, is carrier-unlocked, and of course, features an unlocked boot-loader.

HTC One Developer Edition Announced

HTC jumped the "developer edition" bandwagon with a Developer Edition of its HTC One handset. Priced just under $650, and available in limited quantities, it can take SIMs from any carrier, and gives developers an unlocked bootloader to tinker with its software.