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Apple Discontinues iPhone 7 256 GB Model

Latest research data shows that iPhone 7 was the most-selling smartphone in the world in the first half of 2017. The bad news for Apple is that the handset is still more popular than the recently launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and a recent price cut doesn't help the

Jide Discontinues Remix Operating System

Another company that tried its luck with operating system has now announced that it will focus on the enterprise solutions. Jide Technology's Remix OS was announced back in 2014 with the Remix Ultratablet in 2014, followed by the Remix Mini PC in 2015, and Remix IO last year.

OnePlus 3T Confirmed To Be Discontinued Soon

Earlier this month, there were rumours that OnePlus plans to discontinue its flagship OnePlus 3T as we get closer and closer to the unveiling of the new flagship smartphone. Although the company denied those rumours, it has now revealed on the official OnePlus forums that the

Apple Quietly Stops Selling 11-inch MacBook Air

During the recent event where new MacBooks were announced, the company never mentioned that it has plans to stop selling its 11-inch MacBook Air. The aforementioned notebook is no longer available on the company's website, where you can only find the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Sony Shuts Down Its Xperia Beta Program

After launching the Xperia Beta program earlier this year, Sony has now confirmed that it is shutting down the program. While it did stated that the program would run until at least the middle of 2016, nobody actually thought that Sony would pull the plug this early.

OnePlus X Gets Discontinued As It Runs Out Of Stock

A few weeks after OnePlus introduced its flagship smartphone, the company confirmed that they will not release a successor to its less expensive X model. Not only there won't be a successor to the OnePlus X, but the company won't be releasing any low-end phones in the future.

BlackBerry Classic Gets Discontinued

Back in 2014, BlackBerry launched a smartphone called Classic that was very similar to its old lineup, when they used to rule the market. A few years later, the phone is about to get discontinued and that was now officially confirmed by the company on its blog.