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OnePlus 5T Durability Test Shows Good Design

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has recently launched a new flagship smartphone that is basically OnePlus 5 with a bezel-less display. Although the OnePlus 5T is a much more affordable than some other flagship phones, this doesn't necessarily mean that there are some drawbacks.

Moto Z2 Force Holds Up Great In Durability Test

Motorola's flagship Moto Z smartphones are known for having a shatter-proof display that doesn't crack easily. Not only that, but Motorola also gives a four-year warranty against shattering and cracking from the original purchase date. The only question now is how durable

OnePlus One Undergoes Durability Testing In Video

A video showing how the OnePlus One undergoes durability testing was released by OnePlus today. While the bevy of tests lack a proper bend test, there is a sit test that simulates 25 KG sitting on the device for 1,000 times, and an impact test (drop from 4 feet).