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Encrypted Email Provider ProtonMail Now Available

ProtonMail has moved out of its two-year beta and is now available for everyone. The encrypted email service comes from MIT and CERN scientists who've responded to the growing demand for secure, private communication options. ProtonMail features end-to-end encryption.

Ray Tomlinson, Inventor Of Email, Dies At 74

The inventor of email and the man responsible for the use of "@" in digital communications has died. Ray Tomlinson, a US programmer, came up with the idea for email in 1971 and the invention of email included the use of the now popular and standard @ symbol.

Gmail Has Reached 1 Billion Users

Joining some other Google products, Gmail is now over the 1 billion monthly user mark. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, announced during the company's latest earnings call that Gmail had more than a billion monthly users, just like Search, Chrome, Play, YouTube, Android, and Maps.

Inbox By Gmail App Gets Smarter Search

Google's Inbox by Gmail app has been updated and the latest version of the email client comes with more intelligent search capabilities. This update makes it easier for people to find what they're looking for, such as addresses and package tracking numbers.

AOL Releases Alto Mail Email App On Mobile

AOL has come out with a new mobile email app, Alto Mail, that will compete with Google Inbox and other clients. The app supports Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others. For the most part, it functions like a normal email app and simply provides an intuitive way to get through emails.

Gmail To Alert Users About Unencrypted Messages

Google is developing messages that it can display to users when they receive emails from an unencrypted source. A joint study between Google, the University of Illinois, and the University of Michigan found encryption is on the rise, but so are efforts to undermine encryption.

Spam Is The Lowest It's Been In 12 Years

Most people largely avoid seeing spam nowadays as a result of more advanced spam filters, but there has also been a continued decrease in spam itself. A report from Symantec says spam has hit its lowest point in 12 years, coming in at 49.7% for June.