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Facebook No Longer Syncing With Windows Phone

Facebook will no longer be nearly as integrated in Windows Phone. Changes to the network's Graph API have caused Facebook Connect, a bundle of Microsoft/Facebook services, to no longer work. Microsoft had been using the Graph API to link Facebook friends with its services.

Facebook Ends Satellite Plans

Facebook has reportedly killed its plan to launch a satellite that would be used to provide internet access. is still expanding but The Information reports Facebook is not able to launch satellites for the service anytime soon. There was a $1 billion plan in place.

Facebook Lite Launched For Emerging Markets

Facebook has a new app, Facebook Lite, that's targeted at emerging markets with sub-par infrastructure. The app is a stripped-down version of Facebook and it uses less bandwidth, allowing people in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe to access the network.

Facebook Lets Users List PGP Keys

OpenPGP keys can now be listed by users to make secure communication easier. There is an encrypted messaging feature that's been released by Facebook alongside the ability to list keys. Facebook is quick to note that this is only an "experimental" feature.

Facebook Has Added GIF Support

GIFs are now being supported on the world's most popular social network, Facebook. The network is rolling out support for GIFs in the News Feed. Users can place a GIF on the site by copying its URL and sharing it just like they would any other link. You cannot upload GIFs.