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Facebook Has Added GIF Support

GIFs are now being supported on the world's most popular social network, Facebook. The network is rolling out support for GIFs in the News Feed. Users can place a GIF on the site by copying its URL and sharing it just like they would any other link. You cannot upload GIFs.

Facebook Messenger May Get Games

Games could be the next addition to Facebook Messenger, according to a report in The Information. Facebook has confirmed it is talking with developers about games for Messenger that would be available inside of its app store. Games for Messenger could be months away.

Facebook Begins Using Nokia Mapping

Facebook will begin using Nokia's mapping services in some of its features. The social network has signed a deal with Nokia to use Here maps in its mobile web version and Facebook is testing Here in Instagram and Messenger. Facebook is one potential buyer of Nokia Here. Opening To Developers, an initiative from Facebook, will bring some internet connectivity to as many as 4 billion people but it has faced criticism because it does not follow the principles behind net neutrality. Facebook denies is anti-net neutrality.

Facebook Messenger Adds Free Video Calling

Facebook Messenger has received a big update that includes free video calling for the United States and 17 other countries. This update will make Messenger a bigger competitor to Skype and Viber, two of the existing VoIP services. Users can begin a call with one tap.

Facebook Grows To 1.44 Billion Monthly Users

The number of active monthly users on Facebook keeps growing and there are now 1.44 billion people using the social network each month. During the Facebook Q1 2015 earnings call it was revealed the network had grown since last quarter when it reported 1.39B active monthly users

Facebook 'Hello' Is A New Android Dialer

Hello is the latest application from Facebook and it is an Android dialer. The dialer will connect to a user's Facebook contacts and it emphasizes advanced caller ID. Facebook's messenger team made the app and it is now available from the Google Play store.