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Facebook Testing Return Of SMS To Messenger

SMS capabilities are being integrated into Facebook Messenger for Android. The social network says it is working on fully returning SMS support to the app and it has added the feature to Messenger alongside support for multiple accounts. The test of the feature is limited.

WhatsApp Has Over 1 Billion Users Globally

WhatsApp now has over 1 billion users and the platform is used by those individuals to share 42 billion messages, 1.6 billion photos. and 250 million videos each day. The Facebook-owned company is the largest mobile messaging service and it added 10 million users in two weeks.

Facebook Adding 'Reactions' In A Few Weeks

Facebook will upgrade its like function in a few weeks to include "reactions," which are emojis that let people express different responses to a post. The social network says the feature will roll out worldwide shortly and it will let people respond with things like "sad."

Facebook Adds Tor Support On Android

If you are concerned about your use of Facebook being secure while browsing the network on your phone, you can now use Tor to access the service's Android app. Tor support has been added to the app and it requires you also download and install Orbot.

Facebook Is Testing New Built-In Browser

The most popular social network is testing a new built-in browser to make it easier for users to browse websites outside of Facebook, but remain inside the Facebook app. With this move, the company is trying to rival Google and prevent users from ever leaving the app.

WhatsApp Finally Removes Ads From The App

If you've been using WhatsApp, then you know who ads can be frustrated. Some users have even decided to stop using it, but the company has finally decided to change some things. As of today, WhatsApp has removed fees from its app and will no longer charge for its service.

Facebook Mentions Released On Android

Verified Facebook users can now use an Android version of the Mentions app. Mentions is a somewhat exclusive app that lets people share content like livestreams, photos, and status updates with followers. The app helps public figures direct their content specifically at fans.

Facebook Messenger For Mac Shown In Leaked Photo

Facebook appears to be creating a desktop version of Messenger for OS X. A leaked photo shared by TechCrunch shows a version of the app working on Mac. With Messenger for Mac, users can chat without having a browser open. Facebook plans to make Messenger a standalone app.