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Free Basics Expands Throughout India

Free Basics, a project from Facebook, is now available to everyone in India. Those who are on the Reliance Communications network can access many internet services for free using the Free Basics app. With 110 million subscribers, Reliance is the fourth largest carrier in India.

Facebook Has 1.5 Billion Monthly Users

There are now more than 1.5 billion people logging into Facebook and using the network each month. Facebook reached a billion users in September 2012 and it has taken the company a little over three years to increase its user base by another 500 million.

Facebook Plans To Build 'Teleporter'

Facebook is going to build a teleporter, but not the kind you are thinking of. The company has plans, according to Mike Schroepfer, to create a device that will effectively transport you anywhere in the world using a virtual reality experience that includes physical feedback.

Comcast Fails At Bashing Google Fiber

Google Fiber ran into some trouble recently when it went down in Kansas City during the first game of the World Series. Comcast attempted to capitalize on that hiccup by bashing Google Fiber on Facebook, but Comcast failed horribly. Most responses were anti-Comcast.

Facebook Fixes Battery Drain On iOS

Facebook has admitted its app has been a cause of battery drain on iPhones and it has addressed that problem with the app's latest update. The company says the battery drain was caused by the app having "CPU spin" and by not managing audio sessions correctly.