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Facebook Marketplace Reaches New Countries

Facebook continues improving and expanding its social network. By the end of 2016, Facebook launched a feature called Marketplace that allows people to sell and buy things. At first, the Marketplace was only available in a handful of countries, including the US, Australia, Canada

Facebook Launches 'Watch' Tab For Original Shows

Facebook has finally launched the Watch tab, a new section of the social network built around original content. It's only available in the United States right now and it has initially reached a subset of users across platforms. The Watch tab will feature original videos.

Facebook Using AI To Combat Fake Ads

Facebook has detailed how it's using artificial intelligence systems to deal with a practice known as "cloaking," which enables malicious advertisers to obscure the actual target of their fake ads. There are instances where an ad's target site doesn't match what users expect.

Facebook Shutters Lifestage App Intended For Teens

Lifestage, a Facebook-made app that was meant to target the Snapchat-loving teenage market, is shutting down. The app launched with the premise of being an exclusive space for young people. Only those under the age of 21 could join, granted there was no enforcement of that rule.

Google Working On Snapchat-Like App

Back in 2016, Google reportedly offered $30 billion to Snapchat, but the company rejected the offer, as well as the one from Facebook. They can now be sorry for that, as Google has decided to develop its own app that will compete with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook's Translations Are Fully AI Powered

All of the translations carried out on Facebook are now powered exclusively by artificial intelligence. The social network sees 4.5 billion translations per day as a result of users regularly encountering posts in other languages. It's moved entirely to neural networks.

Facebook Stories Arrive To Desktops

Just a day after we reported that Facebook Stories can be shared publicly, the social network giant has announced another improvement. Although not very popular since many users are using Instagram's Stories or Snapchat, Facebook keeps developing the feature and has

Facebook To Rank Websites By Load Time

Facebook will begin considering site load times when ranking domains in the News Feed, the social network has announced. It's going to roll out an update in the coming months that'll specifically boost the ranking of fast-loading pages. Those will show up higher for mobile users.

Facebook Stories Can Be Shared Publicly

Many social networks and apps have some sort of feature that allows users to share photos that expire after some time. Now, Facebook has improved their Stories, which can now be shared to public followers and anyone can watch your stories. Previously, Facebook Stories could be

Facebook Creating Android Chat Device

Facebook is reportedly working on an Android-based device that'll be used for video chats. According to Bloomberg, the company is creating a product with a 13- to 15-inch display, a wide-angle lens, microphones, and speakers. It's likely to use Android for the sake of simplicity.

Facebook TV May Launch In August

Facebook's "television" offering is reportedly going to arrive in August. Bloomberg reports we're just two weeks away from the social network offering 5 to 10-minute shows from a variety of partners. It has asked for content creators to send in the first episodes of their shows.