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Facebook Lets Streamers Add Other Users

Facebook Live users can now add other people to their stream, enabling Facetime-like conversations that everyone can see. The network's iPhone app now comes with the option to invite other people to join a steam, just like inviting someone to a Hangout.

Facebook Lands Weekly MLB Game Streams

Live MLB baseball games will be streamed on Facebook on a weekly basis. Those games will air on Friday beginning this week. The first game is the Rockies vs. the Reds at 7:10 a.m. ET and it'll be available here. All US users can view the live baseball content.

Facebook Tool Can Improve AI Conversations

A research tool created by Facebook has the ability to make AI bot conversations more human-like. The new ParlAI framework can teach bots to sound more like people. It's described as a "one-stop shop for dialog research." Programmers can easily train and test their bots.

Oculus No Longer Making In-House VR Films

Oculus is no longer focusing on internal content production to the same degree. Facebook has decided to shut down the company's Story Studio, meaning Oculus is exiting the virtual reality film production business. It'll focus on supporting external production endeavors.