News tagged: Facebook

Facebook Tech Will Combat Profile Picture Theft

Facebook is trying out new tools that can protect against the theft of profile pictures, which are often used by spam accounts in their campaigns. Beginning today, a pilot version of the tools is available in India. Facebook is planing on a wide rollout after the initial testing.

Siri Executive Poached By Facebook

Rushin Shah, a leader of Apple's Siri natural language processing team, has left the company for Facebook. Shah departed Apple earlier this month and now we know he's joined up with Facebook's Applied Machine Learning team. He'll work on natural language.

Instagram Brings Archive Feature To Everyone

Archiving has fully launched on Instagram and is now available for all users. The Archive feature lets users easily hide pictures without actually deleting them. They can restore their content whenever they want to. Instagram began trying out the feature last month.

Facebook Maps Offer Useful Info During Disasters

Facebook has rolled out a feature called "disaster maps" that'll provide early responders with useful information when disaster strikes. It's working with UNICEF and others to figure out which sort of data should be included in the maps. The maps will be regularly updated.

Facebook Live Adds Closed Captioning

Closed captioning support has appeared on Facebook Live, enabling livestreams to work well for those who have a hearing impairment. The update was first mentioned by Facebook in April during its F8 conference and now it's rolling out. It's also useful if you're avoiding sound.

Facebook's Personal Fundraisers Leave Beta

Facebook's personal fundraiser feature has exited its beta stage and also received some updates. The feature now supports campaigns for sports teams and communities. Facebook launched the capability as a more limited beta in March 2017. It's similar to GoFundMe.

Facebook Lets Streamers Add Other Users

Facebook Live users can now add other people to their stream, enabling Facetime-like conversations that everyone can see. The network's iPhone app now comes with the option to invite other people to join a steam, just like inviting someone to a Hangout.