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Facebook Super Bowl Hub Will Show Live Updates

Facebook is doubling down on Super Bowl content with a special hub for the game. With 50 million people having used Facebook last year to talk about the Super Bowl, the games' new hub is bound to be a big draw this year. The Super Bowl "experience" as Facebook

Facebook Has 3 Billion Video Views Each Day

Social network Facebook's move into video has been successful. The network is now reporting 3 billion video views per day. Facebook revealed its latest video view statistics with its Q4 earnings report which also showed a strong quarter. On average, users are viewing

Facebook Annual Revenue Reached $10B Last Year

Annual financial information has been released by Facebook. The company topped the $10 billion revenue mark during 2014 with revenue of $3.85 billion in the December quarter alone. Facebook beat analyst expectations with earnings of $0.54 per share since analysts

Facebook Blocking Anti-Muhammed Posts In Turkey

Facebook is caving into pressure in Turkey. Mashable reports the social network has begun blocking pages that were insulting the Prophet Muhammad, the Islamic prophet. A court order within Turkey demanded that Facebook block certain pages. The court said that

Facebook News Feeds Altered To Minimized Hoaxes

If you are regularly on Facebook, you have probably come across a hoax post that half of your friends think is real. Well, this is an issue, and Facebook has decided to respond with annotations. On posts that are clearly false, the social network will display an

Facebook AI Research Opened Up

Facebook's artificial intelligence research has been opened up so that other groups can use it. Code for machine learning has been released by the Facebook AI research division, and the code is able to speed up machine learning 23 times. Small businesses could benefit

'Medium' Designers Now Headed To Facebook

Designers for Medium, a beautiful blogging service, are heading to Facebook. Most of the Medium design came from Teehan+Lax, and designers from that firm are now set to work at Facebook, though no one knows what their actual project will be at the social network.

Facebook Adding Amber Alerts To Feeds

Amber alerts for missing children will soon appear in newsfeeds on Facebook. The company has launched an initiative in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This feature is rolling out on December 13 for people in the United States. By
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