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Instagram Starts Deleting Spam Accounts

In the process to improve experience, Instagram started deleting various spam and fake accounts, which are used to inflate the follower counts to make them seem more popular than they are. It looks like Justin Bieber was the worst, losing 3.5 million followers.

Facebook App Can Cover Regular Photos With Stickers

Social network Facebook is spending more time on stickers, and some of its effort has resulted in Stickered, an Android application. Stickered lets users cover their regular photos with stickers, and photos that have been edited with the app can be sent to friends

Instagram Reaches Value Of $35 Billion

It looks like Facebook's $1 billion acquisition of Instagram was worthwhile. That acquisition took place in April 2012, and now, just over two and a half years later, the company has a value of $35 billion. The actual value of Indiegogo was only $715 million when

Facebook Keeps Losing Teen Interest

Teenagers were once the fastest growing sector of the Facebook user base and they drove much of the social network's growth. A study from Frank N. Magid Associates has found that 88 percent of teens in the US are using the social network, but that is down

Facebook Wants To Auto Improve Photos

Anyone who is using Facebook with an iPhone will begin to notice that their photos are being auto-enhanced by the social network. iOS users have begun to notice that Facebook is changing tiny aspects of their photos, and that means manual editing can take place

Facebook Sticker Search Feature Launched

Facebook has added a new search feature solely for stickers in the social network. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the new feature, and it says that people can use the search function to find the best possible sticker for a certain situation. There are sticker

Facebook Graph Search Goes To Mobile

Facebook Graph Search launched on desktop two years ago, and it is finally expanding to mobile. The network has stated that the feature will be available next week on the Facebook application for iPhone, and then it should become available on other mobile devices. 

Facebook Slingshot Greatly Updated With Version 2.0

There aren't a ton of people who seem particularly interested in Slingshot, Facebook's alternative to Snapchat. Yet, the company is sticking with the project. With a massive update for Slingshot in version 2.0 of the app, Facebook has changed a number of things,

Facebook Rooms Apps Gets Update

Facebook has updated its Rooms application for iOS. The app launched back in October, and this update includes the addition of some features and a couple bug fixes. More push notification options have been added to the application. Users now have the ability to 

Facebook Reducing Promotional Posts In News Feed

If you are using Facebook often, then you have probably noticed a lot of sponsored, or should we say promotional posts in the News Feed. From the recent feedbacks, the company decided to improve its News Feed by reducing promotional posts in the future.
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