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Location-Specific 'Fat Shaming' Hits Facebook

"Fat-shaming" is a pretty messed up trend on the internet and in real-life, but at least when it is online, people are normally somewhat removed from the situation. Bullies online are changing that, however, with new location-specific Facebook pages

Facebook Officially Owns Oculus VR

Virtual reality company Oculus VR is officially under the control of Facebook now that the acquisition deal has closed. Both companies commented on the closing of the acquisition Monday, and they said that they are "looking forward to an exciting future together."

Facebook Mentions Is An App For Famous People

Facebook has launched a new application solely for famous people. The app, called Facebook Mentions, acts as a new way for celebrities to see what people are saying about them. Additionally, Mentions is a way for people to interact with their fans if they have

New Samsung Building A Bid To Attract US Talent

837 Washington st. in New York was the site of a bidding war between Google, Ferrari, Facebook and Samsung. Samsung eventually won the war, and it is now using the location. Samsung's mix of new age design fused with the historic industrial building has attracted...

Facebook Messenger For iPad Finally Available

After months of delays, the waiting is over. The social networking giant Facebook has finally announced a new version of Facebook Messenger application that is now compatible with the iPad. The new version is not an enlarged iPhone app version, but a newly designed one.

Facebook May Have Run Hundreds Of Emotion Experiments

People are still upset because of the realization that Facebook altered news feeds for a massive personal behavior experiment. Many users immediately assumed that there had to have been more than one test, and they may be correct. Former Facebook Data Scientist...

Malicious Facebook Posts Are Illegal, Rules Irish Court

Posting malicious content on Facebook is clearly illegal, according to an Irish court. The judge ruled that using someone's account to hurt their reputation is not allowed. The court ruled on the case after a man used his ex-girlfriend's Facebook account to post...

Facebook Has Tweaked News Feeds To Study Emotions

Seeing positive posts on Facebook apparently increases the chance of users creating their own positive posts. According to a study published inĀ PNAS, Facebook tweaked the news feeds of nearly 700,000 users in 2012 to adjust the number of positive and negative posts...
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