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Facebook Page On Weibo Is Not Legit

A page on Chinese social network Weibo was created for Facebook Inc., and even though it gained a following of 80,000 people, Facebook says it is fake. The page seemed to be real because of the content included on it, but it was also strange because Facebook is

Facebook Serves 1 Billion Video Views Each Day

Facebook is not used by people in any way that is comparable to YouTube, but videos on the social network are bringing in more views everyday. The network has announced that it is now serving 1 billion video views each day. Facebook's upcoming update will introduce

Zuckerberg Belives WhatsApp Could "Connect 2 or 3 Billion People"

Mark Zuckerberg has announced his revised goals for WhatsApp. The world's most popular messaging service, which was bought out by Facebook for a stunning $19 billion last year, could cater to a lot more than the 1 billion people Facebook had initially estimated.

Facebook Comes Out With New "Privacy Checkup" Feature

Facebook has released a new tool specifically for making sure users have the right privacy settings for their needs. The Privacy Checkup tool will teach people more about what the different Facebook privacy settings mean. With the tool, users should have a greater

Latest Oculus Prototype Sees 70,000 Sales

The most recent Oculus Rift development kit is helping to push up sales in a significant way, and Oculus says it has already helped triple daily sales. Now, since there have been more than 70,000 sales of the latest development kit, interest in new versions of the

Facebook Goes Through Minor 15-Minute Outage

Earlier today Facebook went down for many users for a period of about 15 minutes, though it took a little bit longer for some people to get back onto the service. This is the second time in a month that Facebook has gone through a noticeable and widespread outage.

Facebook Fighting Back Against Clickbait

Facebook is updating its news feed so that clickbait content is pushed down as far as it can go. By prioritizing content that it thinks people want to see, Facebook will attempt to remove clickbait from news feeds. Some of the information Facebook will use as reference

Facebook Rewards Users Who Find Bugs In Oculus

Facebook has been known to be rather generous, in a monetary sense, to people who ferret out bugs in its systems. Now a report from The Verge states that Facebook is willing to pay a minimum bounty of $500 to those who can do the same for Oculus VR's code.The reward

Facebook Rolling Out App Links Analytics Feature

Facebook has begun rolling out a new analytics feature for App Links. This should work to make it easier for developers to link to content in other applications. The feature is coming about as a result of a partnership with Parse and Mixpanel. There is not a ton

Facebook Shows Increase In Anonymous Email Usage

Sending billions of emails to users every day, Facebook reports that the adoption of the encryption standard it uses climbed sharply among webmail providers.Maintaining email safety requires both sender and receiver to implement the same encryption technology. Messages
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