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Facebook Altering The Way Likes Are Counted

Facebook is changing the way likes are counted on the network and that may result in some pages losing a significant amount of likes. Celebrity and business pages will soon lose likes which come from deactivated accounts. This applies to accounts to deceased accounts.

Zuckerberg: Facebook Not Focused On Making A Car

With all of the tech companies getting into the automobile industry, someone was bound to ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about a Facebook car. During his latest Q&A, that is what someone brought up. Zuckerberg responded by saying a car probably is not in the works.

Facebook Is Working On Lasers, Drones

Some interesting things are taking place over at Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said at MWC that the company is working on drones, lasers, and satellites. All of those things will be used by the company to expand internet access around the planet.

Facebook Adds Custom Gender Options

Facebook Diversity announced today that they have expanded their offered list of gender identities by opening up custom gender options. Last year, in collaboration with a group of leading LGBT advocacy organizations to offer, Facebook brought a list of gender identities

Facebook "Addiction" To Blame For Distracted Driving

Phones are being used behind the wheel more often. The UK government has released a study showing a 50 percent increase in in-car phone use since 2008 could be due to networking "addiction". Addiction to sites like Facebook has been blamed for greater phone use.

Facebook: 60% Of World Has Never Been Online

A study has been completed by Internet.org, a group led by Facebook, that shows how many people around the world don't have internet access. The study found just 37.9 percent of people use the internet once a year despite the fact that 90% live near a mobile network.

Facebook Reports 2 Million Active Advertisers

Facebook has reached a new advertising milestone. The social network now says it has 2 million advertisers, according to an announcement. Those advertisers are all active and the criteria for being active is advertising in the past month. Facebook had 1.5M 6 months ago.

Facebook ToS Might Be Violating EU Law

The latest version of Facebook's terms of service might be violating laws in the European Union. According to the Belgian Privacy Commission, Facebook is hurting users with its ToS and is going against certain laws in the EU that are stricter than those found in the US.

Zuckerberg: Facebook Access Should Be Like 911

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has said access to the social network and other important online services is "most similar to...911 in the US." Zuckerberg was talking about Facebook access in the context of Internet.org, an initiative to widely offer services.
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