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Facebook Continues To Drive Most Social Traffic

People aren't using Facebook like they used to, but the latest quarterly report from Shareaholic reveals the site is still providing the most overall social traffic. For the third quarter of 2014, Facebook delivered around 22 percent of social traffic on

Facebook Launches An Anonymous Community App

Facebook has introduced a new anonymous community app for iPhone that is called Rooms. The new app allows people to create a "room" on any topic that is customizable with colors, icons and photos. The app doesn't require a Facebook account, only an email address.

Quicklet Tells People Who Is On The Same Flight

An app called Quicklet has been updated to include a feature that lets people find out who else is on their plane. If someone else is using the app, they will appear on everyone else's phone through a Facebook seat check-in function. So, not only does Quicklet

Facebook Not Happy About The DEA's Fake User Account

The DEA has come under fire for using personal information from a suspect to create a fake Facebook profile with the intention of contacting criminals. Facebook has responded to the DEA's actions by saying it was a "serious breach of Facebook's terms and policies."

Facebook Sues Lawyer That Helped Paul Ceglia

Facebook is suing four separate law firms that represented Paul Ceglia in his 2010 case against the social network. Four years ago, Ceglia made a claim that he owned 84 percent of the social network, and it took until 2013 for a court to rule that his claim was not

Egg Freezing Will Be Paid For By Facebook, Apple

Apple and Facebook are both going to begin covering egg freezing for female employees who want to make sure they will be able to have children later in their life. The tech companies have added egg freezing to their respective list of employee benefits. Both

Facebook Opening Up 'Paper' App Code

Facebook is releasing some of the code for Paper on GitHub now that it has become clear the app is not going to take off anytime soon. Paper is far from a bad application, but for Facebook users, there are few reasons to use it. The social network has slowly madeĀ 

Samsung Working On The Next Facebook Smartphone

The first Facebook smartphone was developed by HTC and according to sales it was a phone to forget. The popular social company is not giving up and has found a new partner for its project. Apparently Samsung has accepted the challenge and will release a Facebook phone.

Facebook Stickers Will Soon Be All Over Facebook

Facebook has begun rolling out support for stickers in comments, group posts and event posts across the social network, starting today. Both mobile and desktop users will be able to use stickers in their replies. Stickers was originally exclusive to Messenger.
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