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Facebook Paper Gets Its First Major Update

Facebook Paper, launched last year in the US exclusively for iOS devices, received its first major update this weekend. The update brings many new features, including the ability to make photo comments on posts. The complete official changelog has been posted below.

Beats Music For iOS Now Allows In-App Subscription

The streaming radio app Beats Music was launched early this year and is already proving to be decent streaming service. In order to attract more users, the app received some enhancements such as in-app subscription, Facebook friends search and much more.

Facebook Cleaning Up Spam In Your News Feed

Facebook is tweaking their News Feed algorithm to better filter out posts that request users to "like for a cause" and other such bogus claims. The problem is that users end up clicking on the link or liking the post anyway, which makes that post even more popular...

Facebook Removing Messaging Feature From Its iOS And Android Apps

What is Facebook up to these days? Why, they are plotting ways to force their users to download, install and use Facebook Messenger of course. In the upcoming update, both iOSĀ and Android versions of the Facebook app will be stripped off its Messaging feature.

Voice Calls Coming To WhatsApp Real Soon

WhatsApp is about to take itself to the next level. The world's most popular instant messaging service, boasting nearly 500 million members, recently got acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion. So what's up with WhatsApp ever since? Well, Koum's team has been..

Twitter Pushes New Profile Design, Looks An Awful Lot Like Facebook

Just what is with Twitter and Facebook copying each other's features over and over again? This time it is Twitter, who have pushed out a new profile design that looks strikingly similar to how our current Facebook timeline looks like. Emphasis on a text-oriented page...

Facebook Messenger 4.0 Brings Free WiFi Calling

The feature that you have been waiting for has finally arrived. Facebook Messenger v4.0 brings the much awaited free WiFi calling facility, which allows users to make free calls to other Facebook Messenger buddies over WiFi. But that's not all there is to this update.

WhatsApp Hits New High: 64 Billion Messages In 24 Hours

The popularity of WhatsApp continues to grow with each passing day. Despite premonitions that an acquisition by Facebook would spell bad news for the growth of WhatsApp's userbase, the latest statistics say otherwise. Within a span of 24 hours, WhatsApp servers...

HTC Butterfly To Receive KitKat 'Soon'

Replying to a user's post on their official Facebook page, HTC confirmed that an Android 4.4 KitKat update package is still in the works for the original HTC Butterfly. The international variant of the HTC Droid DNA was launched with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and...
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