News tagged: Facial Recognition

China Trying To Predict Crime With AI

Using a combination of facial recognition and AI, China is trying to build systems that can reliably predict who will engage in criminal behavior. The Financial Times reports authorities have already begun testing the technology. China is already filled with security cameras.

Next iPhone Might Have 3D Face Recognition

Additional biometric security options could be added to the next iPhone, reports Bloomberg. The upcoming device is said to include 3D facial recognition technology that's enabled by the inclusion of a depth sensor. That sensor allows for fast, accurate scanning of a user's face.

LG G6 To Get Facial Recognition Support

LG's flagship smartphone was unveiled earlier this year and although it was rumoured to feature iris scanner, that never happen. Besides missing the iris scanner, the phone was also missing another feature - the facial recognition, but the good news is that the latter will reach

iPhone 8 Said To Have Iris Scanner

An iris scanner will reportedly be included with the iPhone 8, the highest-end iPhone model that'll be released in 2017. The component would let users authenticate themselves just by looking at their phone. DigiTimes says the phone offers an iris scanner and wireless charging.