News tagged: Facial Recognition

Dropbox Now Supports Facial Recognition

With the growing popularity of fingerprint scanners and the upcoming iris recognition, the security factor seems to be improving. Many apps have improved their security recently, and now Dropbox has announced that it has further expanded its partnership with Microsoft.

Face Authentication Offered By IsItYou

Biometric security and facial recognition are the future of security, at least for now. Without additional devices, that sort of security is not yet offered to the majority of consumers. One way to get around that immediately is through smartphone apps, and IsItYou

FBI Using Facial Recognition, Storing Mug Shots

FBI Director James Comey told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the bureau is using facial recognition surveillance. To supplement that surveillance, the FBI stores millions of mug shots and fingerprints. To people who have lost all faith in privacy...

New Kinect To Be Far Better At Tracking You

At Comic Con in San Diego, Microsoft assembled a panel of developers to discuss some of various new features of their upcoming console, the Xbox One. One of the more interesting was Nick Burton's talk on the Kinect device and how it has been improved.