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Oppo Is Also Working On Foldable Phone

The current trend in the smartphone market is the bezel-less display, and pretty much every company has a flagship smartphone with such display. As for the next step, it looks like the companies are preparing for the release of foldable smartphones and ZTE even announced one

ZTE Announces Its First Foldable Smartphone

Foldable handsets have been with us for years, but they have been replaced by smartphones with big screens. Since users have got used to big screens, companies are trying to bring even bigger displays to smartphones, while keeping the same dimensions. The latest trend is bezel-

Samsung Galaxy X Receives Another Certification

Next big trend in smartphone industry could be foldable smartphones are Samsung is looking very interested in them. The rumoured Galaxy X, which should be Samsung's first foldable smartphone lineup, has now received another certification, suggesting the announcement could

LG Also Working On A Foldable Smartphone

Samsung isn't the only company that is working on foldable smartphones as new rumours suggest LG will also release similar phone in 2017. Samsung is expected to debut their Galaxy X series sometime in the third quarter of the year, while LG allegedly plans to do the same in the