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Schenker Unveils Three New Gaming Notebooks

Another Clevo reseller has now announced new notebooks that utilize hexa-core Coffee Lake processors with options up to the Core i7-8700K and clock rates of up to 4.7 GHz. Called Schenker XMG Ultra 15, Ultra 17 and Zenith 17, all three models also feature improved cooling

ASUS Unveils New ROG Gaming Notebooks

Republic of Gamers products are very popular among gamers and enthusiasts. They often represent the best of the best from ASUS, but the company has started releasing more affordable ROG products. Today, three new ROG Strix gaming laptops have been announced

ASUS Quietly Introduces FX503 Notebook

ASUS has recently been on a roll, releasing various new smartphones and notebooks. Now, another multimedia and gaming notebook has been listed online, without previous announcement. Called ASUS FX503, the notebook seems to take some design cues from the

Gigabyte Aero 15 X Features GTX 1070 Max-Q GPU

Gigabyte is about to unveil a new version of its Aero 15 gaming notebook series that will get some serious performance improvements. The new model will be called Aero 15 X and will only have minor design changes such as new color options, but the inside of the laptop has received

ASUS Showcases ROG Chimera Gaming Laptop

If you are looking for a new high-end gaming laptop, then take a look at ASUS' latest ROG product. Called ASUS ROG Chimera, the notebook comes with absolutely impressive specifications, but the exact availability details and release date has yet to be revealed.

ASUS Launches ROG Zephyrus Max-Q Gaming Laptop

ASUS' thinnest, lightest and most powerful gaming laptop that was announced at Computex 2017 is now finally available. The ROG Zephyrus is available in two different models, the GX501VI-XS74 and GX501VS-XS71, and the starting price is $2,299. The top model will cost $2,699.

Gigabyte Updates Budget Sabre Gaming Laptops

Aside from new Aorus and Aero gaming notebooks, Gigabyte has also unveiled updated Sabre 15 and Sabre 17 laptops. The company announced updates to 15- and 17-inches Sabre notebooks, as well as announcing a completely new Sabre Pro 15 model.The Sabre Pro 15

MSI Updates GS63VR/GS73VR With Better Hardware

If you were hoping to see a thinner MSI gaming laptops then you'll be disappointed to learn that MSI's thinnest gaming notebooks won't be getting any thinner any time soon. However, the company has decided to make the same design more interesting with faster GPU options and