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Google Cut Android Malware In Half Last Year

Android malware was cut in half during 2014, Google says. In the company's Android State of the Union report, Google said that bad software installations dropped by 50% last year. Just 1 percent of all Android devices had a bad malware-infested application installed...

Android 5.1 Build 'LMY47E' Reaches Nexus 6

There is a new Android Lollipop build available for the Nexus 6. Android 5.1 only reached that device a week ago and an update is already available. The new build, LMY47E, includes updated radio firmware and a few other changes that most likely won't be noticed...

Android For Work Introduced By Google

Android for Work has been introduced by Google. The new program makes it possible for people to use their existing devices for more business tasks. Google is partnering with some companies to offer services and those companies include Cisco, BlackBerry, and Citrix.

Google Not Planning To Fix Android Bug

A bug is currently in WebView on Android 4.3 and below and it is affecting 60 percent of all Android users. Google doesn't have plans to fix the bug, and that has caused some criticism of Google to come forth. The company will, at most, notify OEMs of the issue but

BreakFree Exposes Your Smartphone Addiction

A relatively new application for Android called BreakFree helps to expose your smartphone addiction and lets face it, you probably are addicted to your smartphone. An iOS version of the application will be coming soon but for now, only people on Android will be able...