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Huawei Launches Raspberry Pi-Like Board

Raspberry Pi is definitely one of the best single-board computers with ARM-based CPU on the market, but other companies are slowly catching up. There are already several worthy computer boards on the market, and Huawei is the latest company that decided to challenge Raspberry Pi.

Sergey Brin May Be Working On Airship

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, might be working on an airship. Bloomberg claims he's working on the project in a NASA hangar and the airship has a design reminiscent of a zeppelin. It's unknown if Brin is forming a new company to work on aeronautics.

Google Alters Search To Combat Fake, Bad Results

Google is making a few changes to Search in order to restrict the impact and prevalence of fake news and inappropriate results. It's adjusting rankings, making it easy for users to provide feedback about results, and helping people understand how the Search algorithm works.

32 GB Google Pixel Receives A Price Cut

With the announcement of various new flagship smartphones, Google has decided to slash price of its Pixel smartphone. The base model with 32 GB of storage was normally selling for $649, but now can be purchased for $599.99 unlocked, which is a pretty good deal.

Google Home Now Distinguishes Between Voices

An update to Google Home has made it capable of distinguishing between users. The smart speaker can now interact in a unique way with up to six people. Your voice will be attached to things like a schedule and playlists. Assistant will be personalized to your activity.

Google To Include Ad-Blocking In Chrome

Google is reportedly planning to include ad-blocking in Chrome, getting rid of the need for a third-party extension. The Wall Street Journal reports Google is working to include the feature in its mobile and desktop browsers. It'll specifically block "unacceptable" ads.

Android Pay Launches In More Countries

Android Pay is slowly becoming the main player in the mobile payments segment. After it crossed the 600 mark last month, Google has now announced that Android Pay received support for five more banks in the United States as part of its latest expansion that started on Monday.

Google Launches Redesigned Google Earth

As promised a few days ago, Google has officially unveiled today a new version of Google Earth. The new version was two years in the making and is now available on the web. As for the Android version of the app, it is rolling out on Google Play so be patient.

Google Buys Nevada Land For Data Center

Google has acquired some land in Nevada that'll eventually be used for a data center. The 1,210 acres is located near Reno in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. Documents about the transaction appeared last week. The space may also be a Waymo testing center.

Google Settles Russian Antitrust Case For $7.8M

Google has reached a $7.8 million settlement in an Android-related antitrust case in Russia. The settlement was reached with Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service, which claimed Google was violating the country's local competition rules. The case began with a complaint.