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Google Glass Receives An Update After Three Years

It seems like Google Glass is back from the dead. The search giant announced the popular glasses back in 2014, but the product was shut down in 2015, after the website was shut down and its Twitter and Facebook profiles were deleted. Today, the Google Glass has received its

Project Fi Makes Splitting A Group Bill Easier

Google's Project Fi has made it easier for group plan members to split the cost of their joint account. As of today, the service is offering a straightforward "group repay" option so that account holders can be paid by other people on a plan. This is connected to Google Wallet.

Google Begins Rollout Of Jobs Search Tool

Google has begun rolling out its AI-powered jobs search engine, which pulls and compiles listings from a range of popular sources. You can use the tool to quickly find listings from LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Facebook, Monster, and others. The tool integrates Glassdoor ratings.

Play Store Reaches New Chrome OS Devices

Google has kept its promise and is now rolling out Play Store support to more Chromebooks. The company said that that all Chromebooks shipped in 2017 and beyond would support Android apps, and while it will be hard to keep that promise, 16 more devices have gained the support.

Google Hires Ex-Apple Chip Designer

Google is not a stranger to making its own smartphones, but the company wants to further improve its smartphone business by making its own chipsets. The search giant has hired Manu Gulati to be the "lead SoC architect". For those that don't know, Gulati has spent eight years

Google Pixel Sales May Have Topped 1 Million

Google hasn't revealed its Pixel sales stats, but one indicator suggests the company has moved over a million units. Based on the download counter for the Pixel Launcher on the Play Store, 1 million downloads of that app exist. The Pixel Launcher is exclusively for Pixel phones.

First Android O Update To Arrive In August

Google might have officially announced the latest Android O platform, but the final version of the operating system is far from finished. The search giant has already released two Android O builds for Pixel and Nexus devices, but the final build is expected to arrive later this