News tagged: Hacking

Major Bitcoin Exchange 'Bithumb' Hacked

Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has been hacked. 30,000 customers had their data compromised due to the attack and Korea's Internet & Security Agency is looking into the situation following claims from customers that they lost money.

Petya Cyberattack Might Not Be Ransomware

Though Petya, a recent piece of malware spreading around the world, appears to be ransomware from the outside, it may not actually fit the criteria. Researchers with Kaspersky Lab say they believe Petya is actually a "wiper," not legitimate ransomware.

South Korean Company Will Pay $1M Bitcoin Ransom

A web hosting company in South Korea is set to shell out $1 million in Bitcoin to put an end to a ransomware attack. Hwang Chil-hong, CEO of Nayana, says the company has agreed to pay 397.6 Bitcoins to recover the data of 3,400 customers. This is the largest payment in history.

NSA Tool-Derived Ransomware Spreads Globally

Ransomware based on leaked NSA hacking tools is spreading around the world and has already shown up in dozens of nations. On Friday, Kaspersky estimated there were at least 45,000 infected computers. Most are located in Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan.

Shadow Brokers Release Alleged NSA Hacking Tools

Shadow Brokers, a hacking group that previously released NSA hacking tools, is now making more alleged exploits from the spy agency available. The files that are being released were previously locked behind a Bitcoin paywall. No one took the group up on their offer last year.