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CCleaner Malware Was Targeted At Tech Companies

It appears the malware that spread through CCleaner downloads was targeted at some of the world's largest tech companies. The targeted nature of the attack wasn't initially clear, but it has since become evident, according to posts from Avast and Cisco's Talos research group.

CCleaner Spread Malware To Millions

CCleaner, a free system maintenance application, has been spreading malware for up to a month. Hackers exploited a vulnerability with the software's download channel, meaning anyone who recently installed the software also installed malware. This attack has impacted millions.

FTC Looking Into Equifax Hack

There's an active investigation from the FTC into the Equifax hack, which compromised the personal data of up to 143 million people. Equifax revealed last week that hackers could have stolen Social Security numbers and other kinds of sensitive, personal info.

Equifax Hacked, 143M Americans Affected

44% of the United States population has been affected by a single hack. Equifax, which provides credit reports, experienced a data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million people. Some info on people in Canada and the UK was also exposed.

Hackers Infiltrated US Power Grid Control Systems

Hackers have broken into the control systems for parts of the US power grid, giving them the ability to shut down power delivery in sections of the country, says Symantec. The security firm discussed attacks by a hacker group called Dragonfly 2.0. No country has been blamed.

Instagram Hackers Sold Access To Account Info

The hackers responsible for attacking Instagram and stealing some celebrity account info also put the data up for sale. Hackers were selling access to a database called Doxagram that included the email addresses and phone numbers associated with many accounts.

HBO May Have Offered Hackers $250,000

HBO reportedly tried to pay off its hackers with a $250,000 lump sum that would have been treated as a "bug bounty payment." Those hackers recently breached HBO's systems, giving them access to unreleased content, emails, and other important private data.

Mac Malware Went Undiscovered For Years

Researchers have come across a piece of Mac malware that managed to go undetected for years. The surveillance malware, known as Fruitfly, can give hackers control over webcams, keyboards, and other parts of a system. It was undiscovered for years despite being easy to spot.

Major Bitcoin Exchange 'Bithumb' Hacked

Bithumb, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has been hacked. 30,000 customers had their data compromised due to the attack and Korea's Internet & Security Agency is looking into the situation following claims from customers that they lost money.

Petya Cyberattack Might Not Be Ransomware

Though Petya, a recent piece of malware spreading around the world, appears to be ransomware from the outside, it may not actually fit the criteria. Researchers with Kaspersky Lab say they believe Petya is actually a "wiper," not legitimate ransomware.

South Korean Company Will Pay $1M Bitcoin Ransom

A web hosting company in South Korea is set to shell out $1 million in Bitcoin to put an end to a ransomware attack. Hwang Chil-hong, CEO of Nayana, says the company has agreed to pay 397.6 Bitcoins to recover the data of 3,400 customers. This is the largest payment in history.