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Essential PH-1 Handset Almost Impossible To Repair

After numerous delays, Essential has finally started shipping its first smartphone, the Essential PH-1. Since that happened, it was only a matter of time before someone decides to open it and reveal the inside of the phone as well as how hard would it be to repair it.

iFixit Also Gets Their Hands On Surface Pro

Aside from tearing down the new Surface Laptop, iFixit folks have also got their hands on a new Microsoft Surface Pro, but the repairability is not much better. The Surface Laptop received 0 for repairability, and although the tablet was better, it was only by 1 point.

Apple iPad Pro Still Very Hard To Repair

Apple's recently announced iPad Pro has just got to iFixit's lab, which means a complete teardown to find out how hard it is to repair and its actual internal design. The popular teardown website got their hands on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and discovered this model to be more

PlayStation 4 Pro Gets Disassembled, Easy To Fix

It was only a matter of time before iFixit gets their hands on Sony's gaming console. While not much is different compared to the original PlayStation 4, we are still eager to find out how the console looks from the inside and more importantly how hard is it to fix it.

iFixit Opens Google's Smart Home Speaker

The internet repair website iFixit has got their hands on Google's $129 smart home speaker and discovered some interesting things inside. Google did say that the device's internal technology would be based off the Chromecast, but it is almost the same as the last Chromecast.