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Germany Bans Smartwatches For Kids

Smartwatch for kids are becoming very popular lately, but it looks like there is a lot of room for improvements, especially when it comes to security. Because of the latter, Germany's telecommunications regulator, the Federal Network Agency, announced a ban today on the sale

Disney Launches $99 Streaming Box, Can Play Games

Disney has announced a streaming box that's capable of playing TV shows, movies, and even some games. The $99 Kids TV box comes pre-loaded with all of the aforementioned types of content, though a lineup for the system wasn't provided. An optional controller will be sold.

YouTube Kids Faces Complaint From Parents

Parents are not very happy with YouTube Kids and they have taken their concerns to the FTC. There are rules in place to control advertising to kids but most of those rules are for TV ads, not ads online. Parents are asking the FTC to see if those rules have been broken.

Kids Teach Robot How To Play Angry Birds

Georgia Tech researchers are helping kids regain muscle movement by having them play Angry Birds while also teaching a robot how to play the game as well. The researchers have created robots capable of watching a kid play Angry Birds and seeing what the kid's...

Kurio Introduces "The Safest Smartphone"

Kurio today introduced a new Smartphone designed for kids, and also to appease parents who can keep a close watch on their children's activities with advanced parental controls. Designed to be "the safest smartphone for kids," Kurio's new offering allows parents...