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Unlocked LG V30 Up For Pre-Order In The US

Carriers in the United States have been selling the LG V30 for a few weeks now, but if you are looking for an unlocked model and don't want to go the eBay route, we have good news. The unlocked LG V30 for the US market is now officially up for pre-order at B&H.

Apple, LG Reportedly Working On Foldable iPhone

Apple wants to come out with a foldable iPhone, but it's not working with Samsung on the project. Instead, it has reportedly turned to LG. The Bell says they're working together on a foldable OLED display and LG Innotek will be working on a flexible printed circuit board.

LG V30 And V30+ Now Available From US Cellular

A day after AT&T and Verizon announced availability of the LG V30, the same handset, alongside the LG V30+ model, is available from US Cellular. The latter was expected to be exclusive to Sprint, but obviously isn't. The only difference compared to the V30 is the memory

Android 8.0 Oreo Coming To Android Wear

Android 8.0 Oreo is slowly reaching new smartphones and with that being out of the way, Google has started working on a software update for Android Wear. The company has now announced a beta program for Android Wear that allows you to test upcoming features.

LG V30+ Reaches Sprint On October 13

The LG V30+, a handset that's exclusive to Sprint in the United States, will become available on October 13. Purchasing the phone online will reduce its price by $30 and for a time, you can spend just $38 per month for two, meaning you'll get one for no extra when leasing.

LG V30 Reaching US Carriers On October 5

The LG V30 will become available through wireless carriers in the US starting October 5, with Verizon offering the phone before its competitors. Verizon hasn't provided pricing information, but it's "coming soon." AT&T is launching the device on October 6 for $810.

LG V30 To Have 2 Years Of Warranty In The US

AT&T has just released a new video of the LG V30 ahead of the release. While the video reveals pretty much everything we knew about the phone so far, there is one detail that LG never revealed. According to the video, LG V30 will have 2 years of warranty in the United States.