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LG G6 To Go On Sale In Europe On April 24

After an initial run in the United States, LG has now confirmed that it is preparing to launch the smartphone in Europe. On April 24, which is next Monday, LG G6 will be available through 33 carriers in Europe, in a total of 24 countries in the region, including the UK, Germany,

LG Unveils New 8-inch Mid-Range Tablet

The South Korean cellular carrier owned by LG has now unveiled a new 8-inch tablet called LG U+ Pad 8. Formerly known as LG Telecom, the LG U+ is now selling the tablet for around 242 000 Won or approximately $210. It can be purchased on 2000 LG U+ retailers, distributors and

LG G6 To Get Facial Recognition Support

LG's flagship smartphone was unveiled earlier this year and although it was rumoured to feature iris scanner, that never happen. Besides missing the iris scanner, the phone was also missing another feature - the facial recognition, but the good news is that the latter will reach

LG G6 Preorders Are Shipping From US Carriers

Major US carriers have begun shipping LG G6 preorders ahead of the phone's release on April 7. Some units from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint may therefore arrive around a week early. Preorders began on March 22, with the phone going up for sale starting at $650 unlocked.

Unlocked LG G6 To Launch Soon In The US

All major US carriers have the latest flagship LG smartphone available for pre-order, but there is still no unlocked LG G6 model for purchase or pre-order. Luckily, that will change soon as LG Mobile's official US website says that an unlocked G6 is "coming soon."

LG Offers Free Google Home With G6

LG G6 buyers who order the phone through LG's website can currently get a free Google Home. The deal is live as of Wednesday and it will run until April 30. You can check out the offer on LG's website here. Both devices provide access to Google Assistant.

LG G6 To Cost €749 In Europe

LG released its new flagship smartphone in its home country of South Korea and first reports suggest that the device is off to a good start. The company has reportedly sold more than 20,000 units on the very first day, and other markets such as the US and Europe should get the

LG G6 To Launch In The US On April 7

In just four days, LG received over 40,000 pre-orders for its flagship smartphone. The company is obviously very happy with the sales in its home country, but people around the world are not. The reason behind that is because LG has yet to launch the flagship phone outside its

LG Phoenix 3 Now Available For $79 In The US

LG has just launched its third Phoenix smartphone in the United States and the good thing it is even $20 cheaper than its predecessors. The new budget-friendly LG Phoenix 3 smartphone is available starting today from AT&T's online store, where it is priced at $79.