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LG G6 Will Be Unveiled February 26

LG has distributed invites for a February 26 event that's expected to include the introduction of its G6 smartphone. The invite focuses on the fact that the handset comes with a wider viewing area. LG previously confirmed the G6 would include a QHD+ display.

LG Also Patents Its Foldable Phone-Tablet Hybrid

Following Microsoft and Samsung, LG has also filed another patent for a foldable phone that pretty much works the same as Microsoft's device. The phone can transform into a tablet, so you can use it as a tablet in Landscape mode. The patent documents reveal that the phone will

LG G6 To Have Heat Pipes For Better Cooling

With increasing performance, devices these days produce much more heat and companies are having hard times keeping them under control. We still don't know the exact reason why Galaxy Note 7 was exploding, but most people believe it was because of battery overheating.

LG Also Working On A Foldable Smartphone

Samsung isn't the only company that is working on foldable smartphones as new rumours suggest LG will also release similar phone in 2017. Samsung is expected to debut their Galaxy X series sometime in the third quarter of the year, while LG allegedly plans to do the same in the

LG G6 Has QHD+ Display, 18:9 Aspect Ratio

The LG G6 will be the first device to include a QHD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. LG confirmed the spec ahead of the phone's actual unveiling in February. The "QHD+" term reflects the 5.7-inch display's 2880x1440 resolution, which surpasses QHD's 2560x1440.

LG Unveils Five New Smartphones At CES 2017

We were expecting big things from LG during the CES 2017, but the company was rather shy in terms of new products. Besides announcing new LG Gram laptops, Hub Robot and smart refrigerator products, the company only unveiled five new mid-range smartphones.

LG Adds WebOS, Alexa To A Fridge

LG has announced a fridge that runs its webOS platform and includes Amazon's Alexa digital assistant. The "smart refrigerator" includes a 29-inch front touchscreen that can be used to play music, view the weather, and look up recipes, among other things.

LG Unveils "Lightest, Thinnest" OLED TV

LG has introduced multiple OLED televisions at CES, one of which it claims is the "lightest, thinnest, most beautiful TV on the planet." The Signature W7 Super UHD TV comes in at just 2.57 mm thick, allowing it to appear flush on your wall. It's running LG's webOS 3.5.

New LG G6 Renders Reveal More About The Phone

Following yesterday's first appearance of LG's flagship phone, a new set of renders has surfaced on Gear, giving us an early, and better look at the device. The new renders only confirm what we knew so far, including non-modular design, so there are no surprises.