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LG Offers Free Google Home With G6

LG G6 buyers who order the phone through LG's website can currently get a free Google Home. The deal is live as of Wednesday and it will run until April 30. You can check out the offer on LG's website here. Both devices provide access to Google Assistant.

LG G6 To Cost €749 In Europe

LG released its new flagship smartphone in its home country of South Korea and first reports suggest that the device is off to a good start. The company has reportedly sold more than 20,000 units on the very first day, and other markets such as the US and Europe should get the

LG G6 To Launch In The US On April 7

In just four days, LG received over 40,000 pre-orders for its flagship smartphone. The company is obviously very happy with the sales in its home country, but people around the world are not. The reason behind that is because LG has yet to launch the flagship phone outside its

LG Phoenix 3 Now Available For $79 In The US

LG has just launched its third Phoenix smartphone in the United States and the good thing it is even $20 cheaper than its predecessors. The new budget-friendly LG Phoenix 3 smartphone is available starting today from AT&T's online store, where it is priced at $79.

LG G6 Receives 40,000 Preorders In Four Days

Over 40,000 preorders for the LG G6 have already been received by LG. The phone has only been up for preorder for four days, making the figure quite impressive. LG introduced the G6, its next flagship device, during MWC last week. Some consumers can get free accessories.

Take A Look Inside The LG G6

LG made big changes after the G5 fiasco. They dropped modular design and completely redesigned its new LG G6 smartphone, practically from the ground up. From the outside, LG G6 looks like an awesome smartphone, but we are also interested in its design that could reveal

LG G6 To Reach Australia Before US, Europe

LG's G6 is headed to Australia earlier than some of its predecessors. The handset is going to be released in the market before it's available in the US or Europe, with a release scheduled for March 28, which comes right after its South Korean release.

LG UltraFine 5K Displays To Go On Sale This Month

After suspending the sale due to insufficient RF shielding, which was affecting the monitor's functionality when placed too close to routers, LG is finally fixed the problem and is almost ready to start shipping the displays again. According to Apple's Online Store, LG UltraFine

Valve And LG Partners To Make New SteamVR Headset

Valve has announced today that it has partnered with LG to produce a new virtual reality headset for the SteamVR tracking system. The head-mounted device will be shown at GDC 2017 later this week, where both companies will take feedback to finalize the commercial units.

LG G6 Now Revealed In White, Platinum, And Black

We only have to wait one more day before LG officially announces its flagship smartphone, the LG G6. Ahead of the MWC 2017, the handset has now leaked in a new image, revealing possible color variants - mystic white, astro black and ice platinum, all of which we have already seen