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First Photo Of Magic Leap Leaks, Shows Backpack

An image of the Magic Leap's full setup has leaked for the first time. Business Insider published a photo of the system being worn by an unknown individual. From the angle of the image, we can see the Magic Leap's required head harness, shoulder straps, and backpack.

Magic Leap Hopes To Debut Product 'Soonish'

Magic Leap has carefully kept its augmented (or "mixed") reality product under wraps, but we're nearing an unveil. According to Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz, the company plans to reveal its product to the public "soonish" and it has already set up production lines in the US.

Magic Leap, Lucasfilm Opening A Secret Lab

Later this month, Lucasfilm and Magic Leap will open a partially secret lab that will focus on creating an augmented reality experience for Star Wars fans. A proof-of-concept video shows how Magic Leap's technology could be used to place C-3PO and R2-D2 in your home.

Magic Leap Releases Real-World AR Demo Video

A clip of the augmented reality experience provided by Magic Leap has been released and it was shot directly through the system without any special effects or editing. In the demo, we see a floating robot and a model of the solar system in an office.

Magic Leap Announces SDK For AR Apps

Magic Leap, one of the most interesting augmented reality companies that's also funded by Google, has announced an SDK for AR apps. The company is now going to let third-party developers explore its platform. Magic Leap is trying to attract various content creators.

Gaming With Magic Leap Revealed In Video

There is still not a whole lot known about Magic Leap, an augmented and virtual reality company backed by Google, but a new video does reveal what using the device will be like. Magic Leap's video shows off the user interface, some apps, and gaming. A user...