News tagged: Malware

Apple Lists Top 25 Apps That Had Malware

Apple has now listed the top 25 Chinese apps that were found to contain a piece of malware called XcodeGhost. Numerous developers used a bad version of Xcode to create their apps, accidentally exposing iOS users to the malware. Among the top 25 apps is WeChat.

Adblock Plus Releases Web Browser On iOS

AdBlock Plus has released its web browser on the iOS app store. The browser became available on Android as a beta in May, but this is the first time iOS users can begin browsing with it. Along with getting rid of advertisements, the AdBlock Browser can protect users from malware.

Ad Malware Tripled In Past Year

Ad networks are often being used by hackers to infect large numbers of computers and a study has found ad malware has tripled in the last year. Cyphort has released a study which found the amount of malware served by ad networks tripled between June 2014 and February 2015.

Spam Is The Lowest It's Been In 12 Years

Most people largely avoid seeing spam nowadays as a result of more advanced spam filters, but there has also been a continued decrease in spam itself. A report from Symantec says spam has hit its lowest point in 12 years, coming in at 49.7% for June.

DEA Spends Millions On Spyware

Millions of dollars are being spent on spyware by the DEA. Motherboard reports $2.4 million was spent on a "remote control system" that can be put into a phone to record texts, emails, passwords, and nearby conversations. Government records revealed the cost. 

Google Cut Android Malware In Half Last Year

Android malware was cut in half during 2014, Google says. In the company's Android State of the Union report, Google said that bad software installations dropped by 50% last year. Just 1 percent of all Android devices had a bad malware-infested application installed...

Malware Had A Record Year In 2014

Panda Security reports malware had a record-breaking year in 2014. The security firm says there were twice as many new types of malware detected last year than there were in 2013. Each day, on average, 200,000 new types of malware were detected by the firm.