News tagged: Malware

Mac Malware Went Undiscovered For Years

Researchers have come across a piece of Mac malware that managed to go undetected for years. The surveillance malware, known as Fruitfly, can give hackers control over webcams, keyboards, and other parts of a system. It was undiscovered for years despite being easy to spot.

US Affected By Petya Malware From Russia, Ukraine

Petya, a new piece of ransomware that's been spreading through Russia and Ukraine, is now present in the United States. It's also spread to parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia. The malware has affected banking systems in some countries and disabled a Chernobyl monitoring system.

Fake WhatsApp URL Spreads Adware

A malicious website pretending to be associated with WhatsApp is spreading adware. It's located at "," yet the characters are replaced with those from the Cyrillic alphabet, making it easier to appear legitimate. The URL could definitely trick people.

WannaCrypt Expected To Grow On Monday

The reach of WannaCrypt, a fast-growing ransomware, will significantly increase as business begins Monday, says Robert Wainwright, executive director of Europol. There are already upwards of 200,000 victims in over 150 countries. Indonesia has issued a similar warning.

Windows' Snake Malware Expands To MacOS

A piece of malware known as Snake that's existed on Windows for years is now showing up on MacOS. The malware involves a fake Adobe Flash Player installer that can get around MacOS' Gatekeeper feature. When present, it can add a backdoor to the OS' file system.

New Android Malware Is Found Every 10 Seconds

Security firm G Data reports new Android malware is found every 10 seconds, leading to 8,400 new malware instances per day. The firm found there were 750,000 new Android malware apps discovered during the first quarter of 2017. Fragmentation contributes to the issue.