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"Verify Apps" Now Continuously Monitors Your Android 2.3+ Device

Google is pushing out a new update for "Verify Apps," a service that is available to all Android devices running Android 2.3 and above. Before the update, the service would scan apps for suspicious activity/malware only during installation. However, the update...

Update on World Of Warcraft Account Stealing Malware

We previously reported that Blizzard posted a warning to World of Warcraft players about malware compromising players' accounts. They have identified the malware as a bogus version of the Curse Client that people were downloading from a bogus version of the website.

Blizzard Warns of World of Warcraft Account Stealing Trojan

Blizzard has recently put a post on the support forums for World of Warcraft informing players that they are receiving reports about a Trojan that is compromising users' accounts, even if they are using Blizzard's two-step authentication method for account protection.

Bogus GTA V For PC File Infects Thousands

Seems that on several torrent sites, an industrious hacker as dropped a supposedly "leaked" version of the hit title Grand Theft Auto V for the PC. Instead of a sneak peek at what was in store for the game, thousands were introduced to the wonderful world of malware.

Beta Bot Malware Disables Anti-Virus Protection

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued a warning about a new type of virus called Beta Bot. The malware targets financial institutions, e-commerce sites and social networks to steal sensitive user information and disables anti-virus programs.

Samsung to Pre-Load Future Smartphones with Anti-Virus

With the ease at which malware developers are able to slip phoney apps through Google Play, high-volume smartphone makers like Samsung, are taking device security into their own hands. The company plans to pre-install anti-virus software on all its future smartphones.

Citadel Trojan Returns As Threat In Japan

According to research performed by Trend Micro, an advanced version of the infamous banking malware, Citadel Trojan, has reared its ugly head again and has been found targeting Japanese computers. They additionally state it could move to Europe at any time.

FBI Ransomware Trying To Get Users To Cough Up $300

The FBI wants you to pay them $300 for viewing prohibited pornographic content. No, not the real FBI, we're talking about the latest version of the FBI Ransomeware malicious Trojan that is targeting Mac users on their Safari browsers. Read on for some fixes.

Mobile Malware Grows Over 600% In The Last Year

In a mobile survey put out by Juniper Networks, the amount of malware showing up on mobile devices to growing at an astounding rate. The report showed a 614 percent increase in mobile malware between March of 2012 and March of this year, mostly on Android devices.

Google Adds Safe Browsing Data To Their Transparency Report

Back in 2006, Google started the Safe Browsing Program. This program found and flagged suspect websites so that while people are surfing the internet, Google can warn them of potential harmful sites. They are adding this information to their transparency report.
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