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Regin Malware A Major Threat In Non-English Countries

Regin is the latest piece of malware to make its way into news reports, and while the malware is concerning, it is primarily a threat in non-English speaking nations. A report from security company Symantec shows that Regin, which has existed since 2008, is a big issue

USB Malware Leaving The Lab

BadUSB, the attack that can compromise the security of almost any USB device with malware, is leaving the lab. Researcher Karsten Nohl first demonstrated a BadUSB attack two months ago, and while Nohl has avoided releasing the code for the attack,...

Mobile Malware Being Used To Combat Hong Kong Protests

A report in the New York Times says that a fake application is being passed around Hong Kong that includes malware. The app is part of a phishing scam, and it has been promoted by fake entities on WhatsApp. The messages promoting the app say it was designed by Code4HK

Dyre Malware Now Targeting More Than Banks

Zeus malware variant Dyre is no longer just being used against financial institutions, as new reports say the malware has been used to attack Salesforce. As reported by Ars Technica on Tuesday, security firm Adallom thinks Dyre could be used against practically any

Fake EA Account Tricking People Into Giving Personal Info

We would like to think that people are able to spot certain scams, but unfortunately, that is not the case. It turns out that hackers are using fake EA sports accounts during the World Cup to trick people into handing over login information. MalwareBytes is report in...

Chinese Phone Ships With Malware

Buying almost any electronic from China is risky nowadays, but a new report from Heise gives even more of a reason to be careful if you are buying phones from the country. Heise says that the Star N9500 Android smartphone has been found to include the Uupay.D trojan...

100 Arrested In International Cybercrime Sting

Authorities from 17 countries have worked together to arrest at least 100 cybercriminals involved with the BlackShades malware which has been used to infect an estimated 500,000 computers. BlackShades provides a hacker with complete remote access to a victim's...

"Verify Apps" Now Continuously Monitors Your Android 2.3+ Device

Google is pushing out a new update for "Verify Apps," a service that is available to all Android devices running Android 2.3 and above. Before the update, the service would scan apps for suspicious activity/malware only during installation. However, the update...

Update on World Of Warcraft Account Stealing Malware

We previously reported that Blizzard posted a warning to World of Warcraft players about malware compromising players' accounts. They have identified the malware as a bogus version of the Curse Client that people were downloading from a bogus version of the website.
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