News tagged: MasterCard

Shopify Begins Shipping New Card Reader

An upgraded card reader has been introduced by Shopify, helping the company compete against Square's product. It's now shipping to users in the United States and it'll work with both swipe and chip-based dips. Shopify designed the product entirely in-house.

Uber Launches A Debit Card In Mexico

As Uber works to increase its presence throughout Central and South America, it has partnered with Mexico's first online bank to issue a branded debit card. Uber is working with Bankaool to give consumers Uber-branded Mastercard debit cards that can be used pretty much anywhere.

Google Might Not Take A Cut From Android Pay

Google is reportedly going to avoid taking a cut from transactions that occur through Android Pay. The mobile payment service is very similar to Apple Pay but Google's decision to not take a cut from transactions would set it apart from Apple's system.

MasterCard Removes Cuban Restrictions

With the United States' change in policy regarding Cuba come new business opportunities for American companies. One of the greatest restrictions on travellers has been an inability to use credit cards in Cuba. Just after the US' policy change, MasterCard has announced