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Meizu To Launch Bezel-Less Phone Next Year

Pretty much every new flagship smartphone in 2017 needs to have bezel-less display, otherwise it is considered as a failure. Even Apple is working on a radical redesign of its mobile phones, and according to GizmoChina, Meizu needs one more year to develop and starts selling such

Meizu Pro 7 Specifications Revealed In Source Code

Meizu has been relatively quiet over the last few months, and that is because the company is focused on bringing new devices to the market. The flagship Meizu Pro 7 smartphone looks to be finalized as the folks over at GizChina managed to get its specifications through source

Meizu Allegedly Working On Its Own Chipset

To minimize cost, many companies have developed their own chipsets, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and more. There are still many companies that have yet to develop their own chipsets and until then, they have to use ones from MediaTek or Qualcomm.

Meizu Unveils A 5.2-inch M5s, Costs Only $120

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu officially announced the M5s in China. The company hopes the phone will live up to its expectations as a very affordable mid-range smartphone. The Meizu M5s is expected to go on sale later this month in China priced at only $120.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus Will Soon Be Available In Red

A couple of leaked images suggest that Meizu is preparing to launch a new version of its Pro 6 Plus smartphone. At the moment, the handset is only available in Gold, Silver and Gray, but a fourth option might launch around the Mobile World Congress 2017 trade show.

Meizu And Qualcomm Sign License Patent Agreement

Back in October, Qualcomm sued Meizu over alleged patent infringement in several countries, including the US, France, and Germany. Meizu allegedly used patented 3G/4G technologies without the necessary licensing, but both companies have now reached a world-wide patent-licensing

Meizu M5S Spotted On TENNA

According to TENNA listing, Meizu is about to release a new mid-range smartphone called M5S. The same smartphone has been spotted under two different listings - M6123M and M612Q, but both have almost the same specifications and should be the rumoured M5S.

Image Of Meizu's Bezel-Less Smartphone Leaks Online

There is barely a smartphone company that isn't working on a bezel-less smartphone, a trend that Xiaomi started with the Mi Mix. Meizu's chairman, Jack Wong/Huáng Zhāng said that the company is not in a rush to release a curved-screen phone, but they didn't say anything