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Signal Now Has A Desktop App

Signal, a popular privacy-centric messaging app, now has a standalone desktop application. The app joins the service's mobile applications and its web messenger. Until now, encrypted conversations on a desktop required a Chrome web application to work.

WhatsApp Adding Its Own Verification Tick

WhatsApp is going to offer its own account verification system, letting users see when an account on the platform has been verified as legitimate. The messaging app has confirmed it's testing a Twitter-like verification tick to help people spot legitimate business accounts.

YouTube Gets In-App Messaging Feature

Over the last few days, YouTube has made a lot of changes and more have been announced today. The video platform has just received a new messaging feature that will help users to chat and share videos within the app with others much easier. It is also possible to respond to a

WhatsApp To Get Recall Feature

We all have sent a message and then wished to take it back, but that wasn't possible. While Viber, Skype and a few other messaging services have a recall feature, WhatsApp has yet to get something like that. According to a recent tweet by @WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has been

WhatsApp To Get In-App YouTube Support

More companies are thinking about joining the messaging app market, including Amazon, but it will take some time if they want to challenge Viber and WhatsApp, two messaging apps that are definitely ahead of others and both are adding new features every month.

Amazon, Others Interested In Buying Slack

Multiple companies, including Amazon, are interested in acquiring business-centric messaging app Slack. The platform has become the go-to for messaging within many businesses and other team environments, making it quite valuable. An acquisition could value Slack at over $9bn.

Snapchat Ads Limitless Snaps, Looping Videos

Your messages on Snapchat no longer have to be time-limited. The app has introduced two features: Limiteless Snaps and Looping Videos. With the former, you'll be able to send a picture without placing a time limit. That means the picture won't disappear automatically.