News tagged: Messaging

Snapchat Ads Limitless Snaps, Looping Videos

Your messages on Snapchat no longer have to be time-limited. The app has introduced two features: Limiteless Snaps and Looping Videos. With the former, you'll be able to send a picture without placing a time limit. That means the picture won't disappear automatically.

Calling, Messaging Arrive On Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo series, including the newly introduced Echo Show, now include calling and messaging features. You can use Alexa to place a message or call with commands in the format of, "Alexa, call X." The feature also works with Amazon's new Drop Ins feature.

Snapchat Will Soon Air A Reality Dating Show

Exclusive TV-style content is making its way to Snapchat, furthering the app's journey away from its original focus on ephemeral messaging. The platform is going to receive a reality dating show from Vice. It is called Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson.

YouTube Testing An In-App Messaging Feature

An in-app messaging feature is being trialed in YouTube. It's currently being tested on Android and iOS, and it lets users share clips, text content, and links without leaving the app. For now, the feature is only available in Canada. This may not turn into an official feature.

Facebook Messenger Reaches 1 Billion User Mark

More than a billion people are now using Facebook Messenger each month, making it one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Since the service spun off from the main Facebook app two years ago, it has quickly become a top chat service on mobile devices.

Google Unveils Android Wear 2.0 Platform

During traditional Google I/O conference, Google has unveiled plenty of new projects and some of them are very interesting. One of the first news was the new Android Wear 2.0 platform that comes with improvements in three key areas, including watchface, messaging and fitness.

WhatsApp Now Has A Desktop App

WhatsApp, the largest messaging service in the world, can finally be used on desktop through a dedicated app. The software is now available for Windows 8+ and OS X 10.9+, allowing you to use WhatsApp outside of your browser. You can sync your messages by scanning a QR code.

Line Adds Group Voice Calls For Up To 200 People

Mobile messaging app Line has added support for group voice calls that include up to 200 users. The feature is targeted at both regular users and businesses, who may find it useful for conference calls. It's now available on Android, iOS, and Windows, with Mac coming soon.

Tumblr Adds Instant Messaging Feature

Tumblr is now receiving a legitimate instant messaging feature and it's arriving eight years after the site launched. The rollout of this feature is moving slowly, meaning only a small portion of Tumblr users can actually send IMs right now. Everyone will get IMs soon.

Google Hangouts Updated, Quality Improved

Google has released an update for Hangouts for the Web and it comes with an improved interface and better streaming quality. Chats through the app will now appear "crisper," load faster, and have superior rendering. Along with the quality changes, the interface is better.