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iFixit Also Gets Their Hands On Surface Pro

Aside from tearing down the new Surface Laptop, iFixit folks have also got their hands on a new Microsoft Surface Pro, but the repairability is not much better. The Surface Laptop received 0 for repairability, and although the tablet was better, it was only by 1 point.

Microsoft Unveils $100 Surface Dial Input Option

One of the smaller announcements during Microsoft's latest event was the introduction of the Surface Dial, a new customizable input method that'll be offered for $100. The Dial is wireless and different tasks can be assigned to it depending on the program you're working in.

Microsoft Patches Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue

A patch for the Surface Pro 3 that addresses its battery capacity issue is now out. Users have reported problems with their battery life for months and some people even reported their Surface Pro 3 would only operate for around an hour. This update addresses that problem.

Next Microsoft Surface Could Be All-In-One

An all-in-one PC could be the next product under Microsoft's Surface brand. DigiTimes claims Microsoft is working on an AIO system that will be released in Q3 2016. Microsoft has also pushed back the release of its second generation Surface Book into early 2017.