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iFixit Also Gets Their Hands On Surface Pro

Aside from tearing down the new Surface Laptop, iFixit folks have also got their hands on a new Microsoft Surface Pro, but the repairability is not much better. The Surface Laptop received 0 for repairability, and although the tablet was better, it was only by 1 point.

Microsoft Unveils $100 Surface Dial Input Option

One of the smaller announcements during Microsoft's latest event was the introduction of the Surface Dial, a new customizable input method that'll be offered for $100. The Dial is wireless and different tasks can be assigned to it depending on the program you're working in.

Microsoft Patches Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue

A patch for the Surface Pro 3 that addresses its battery capacity issue is now out. Users have reported problems with their battery life for months and some people even reported their Surface Pro 3 would only operate for around an hour. This update addresses that problem.