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Xbox Game Pass Launches Early Next Month

Microsoft will launch Xbox Game Pass, a game subscription service, on June 1. The upcoming service was announced in February and it's going to include over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Subscriptions only cost $10 per month. All of the games are downloadable.

HoloLens Reaches China This Month

Microsoft's mixed reality headset, the HoloLens, will arrive in China later this month. It's finally going to launch in the market on May 24. The HoloLens has been shipping to developers in the US and Canada since March 2016. Shipments have expanded over time.

Halo 6 Isn't Going To Be At E3

The next entry in the Halo franchise won't be introduced during E3 2017 next month. Although 343 Industries has a "little something" planned for the event, it's not going to show Halo 6. It confirmed the lack of a Halo announcement in a post on Reddit.

Minecraft Reaches Nintendo Switch

Minecraft has been released for the Nintendo Switch. It comes with all of the same features found in the other console versions of Minecraft, including its multiplayer mini games. Even if you're using the handheld setup, Microsoft says it should offer 720p 60 fps performance.

iTunes Is Headed To The Windows Store

Spotify was confirmed for the Windows Store last week and now Microsoft has announced another major addition: Apple's iTunes. This is significant given the app's importance for the Windows Store and because of Apple's usual reluctance in offering its software on other platforms.

Microsoft Emma Watch Can Help Parkinson's Patients

Microsoft has created a wearable device that could help reduce limb tremor in those with Parkinson's. The Emma Watch is a wrist-worn device that uses "vibrating motors" like those in smartphones to "distract the brain" in such a way that abhorrent muscle activity is reduced.

Windows 10 Has 500 Million Monthly Active Devices

Half a billion devices are using Windows 10 each month, Microsoft revealed during its Build developer conference. The operating system has been growing at about twice the rate of Windows 8. Windows 10 was at 200 million in January 2016 and it reached 270 million in March 2016.