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Microsoft Now Selling Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+

Two years ago, it would be impossible to think that Microsoft would actually start selling Samsung smartphones on its online store, but exactly that has happened. Starting this week, customers can purchase Samsung's flagship's via Microsoft Store Online.

Microsoft Officially Launches Xbox One X

As promised earlier, Microsoft has officially launched its latest gaming console worldwide today. The "world's most powerful console" is now available for purchase in a total of 35 markets worldwide, with pricing to vary depending on local taxes in each region.

Xbox One X Works With 1440p Displays

The Xbox One X will play nice resolutions above 1080p that aren't 4K. Microsoft has confirmed the console is going to support 2560 x 1440 (1440p) displays. Although the focus is on 4K when it comes to developing higher-res games, many gaming monitors are 1440p.

Microsoft Ends Premium Premium has been killed off by Microsoft and its core features are being added to normal Office 365 subscriptions. This means Office 365 accounts now get to use the service without ads and they'll also receive more storage. Current Premium users can renew.

Microsoft Denies Rumours About Xbox One X Shortages

Xbox UK head Harvey Eagle told late last week that gamers might not be able to purchase the new console right away as there could be shortages. This is because demand is really high, but according to the Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, that will not be the case.

Skype's Updated Design Now Reaching Desktop

Skype's significantly updated design first appeared on mobile devices earlier this year and the same changes have been tested on desktop over the past few months. Now the redesign is officially rolling out to all users on Windows and Mac, despite a negative response.