News tagged: Microsoft

Redstone 3 Arriving This September

Windows 10's Redstone 3 update is going to arrive in September and Microsoft has confirmed it plans to release updates twice per year. Those releases are being planned for March and September of each year. Each will be supported for 18 months. Preview builds are coming out now.

Windows 10 To Throttle Background Apps

In order to save your battery life, Microsoft is adding a background app throttling feature to Windows 10. The feature has appeared in preview build 16176 and it may be able to save up to 11% of battery usage. Your computer must be running an Intel 6th gen processor.

Minecraft Reaching Switch On May 11

Microsoft's Minecraft will become available on the Nintendo Switch in a month. The "Nintendo Switch Edition" of the game has been given an official May 11 release date. It'll support the console's Pro controller, up to eight players online, and four local split-screen players.

Microsoft Holding Hardware Event On May 2

The next hardware-centric event from Microsoft will take place on May 2, the company has revealed. Press invites began going out to journalists today, confirming the event will take place at 9:30 a.m. ET on May 2. It isn't clear what the company will show off.

Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Microsoft is officially ending its support for Windows Vista today. The operating system is only being used by 0.72% of the desktop market, indicating the end of support won't be highly problematic. However, that market share still covers up to 10 million people.

Minecraft Marketplace Will Sell In-Game Content

An in-game content store will be introduced to Minecraft this spring. Microsoft and Mojang have unveiled the Minecraft Marketplace, which will sell items like skins and maps. Those items are coming both from Mojang and from fans on the game, with Microsoft receiving a cut.