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Xbox One Game Capture Getting 1080p Upgrade

The Xbox One's built-in gameplay capture feature is going to receive an upgrade to 1080p. Since the console was released, players have been stuck with 720p 30 fps recordings, though the more recent Xbox One X offers 4K recording. The update is currently limited to Insiders.

Minecraft Marketplace Creators Earn $1M In 2 Months

Creators for the recently launched Minecraft Marketplace have generated $1 million in revenue in just two months. The store features digital items made by the community. Those items can be sold to others, with Microsoft then paying out earnings. Marketplace launched during E3.

Leaked Images Show Off Surface Mini

A new batch of leaked images showing the canceled Surface Mini tablet from Microsoft have appeared online. Some images of the product showed up earlier this year and now more have been published by Evan Blass. The model pictured in the photos has a red rubber case.

Microsoft Ends Original Xbox One Sales

Microsoft has stopped selling the original Xbox One in the United States, choosing to only offer the Xbox One S and Xbox One X through its online store. The only way you can get the original model is if you buy a refurb unit. Microsoft hasn't confirmed if all sales are ending.

Xbox One X Is The Fastest Selling Xbox Preorder

The Xbox One X is officially the fastest-selling Xbox preorder in Microsoft's history, the company has confirmed. In the first five days of its availability, more people preordered the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition than any other Xbox console. Preorders began Sunday.