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Windows 10 Power Mode To Improve Battery Life

Full performance mode isn't necessary for all tasks and Microsoft is now working on a new feature that would allow you to quickly adjust level of performance. Called Power Mode, the feature will significantly improve the power management feature in Windows 10.

Microsoft Preparing To Cut 700 Jobs Next Week

Several months ago, Microsoft confirmed to cut 2,850 jobs globally by June 2017 as a part of latest restructure and failed business with Lumia smartphones. Most of the layoffs will affect the mobile division and the first wave of the layoffs will happen next week.

LG Also Patents Its Foldable Phone-Tablet Hybrid

Following Microsoft and Samsung, LG has also filed another patent for a foldable phone that pretty much works the same as Microsoft's device. The phone can transform into a tablet, so you can use it as a tablet in Landscape mode. The patent documents reveal that the phone will

Microsoft Teases New Xbox One Dashboard

Microsoft's Mike Ybarra has teased part of the Xbox One's upcoming dashboard update. The update is intended to make tasks on the console faster. As revealed in the teaser, there will be a new Xbox button part of the guide that gives access to your recent apps and games.

Minecraft For Nintendo Switch Confirmed

A Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft has been announced. Details about the game are minimal, but a listing for the title is now live on Nintendo's website. 4J Studios, the game's co-developer, also confirmed the title and released a picture of Minecraft running on the system.