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IBM To Invest $240M In AI Lab From MIT

IBM has announced it's going to work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on a new artificial intelligence research lab. The Watson-branded lab will receive $240 million from IBM. Many tech companies have reached deals of this sort with academic institutions.

TV Used To Train AI Systems To Predict Human Action

Researchers at MIT have given artificial intelligence systems hundreds of hours of TV to sift through in order to better understand human behavior. At the school's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, TV is used to help the systems predict real human behavior.

MIT AI Able To Predict 85% Of Cyberattacks

An artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by researchers at MIT can accurately predict 85% of cyberattacks. The system uses three machine learning algorithms to detect unusual events in network traffic that could be attacks. It uses some input from humans.

MIT Team Wins Hyperloop Pod Design Contest

A team of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has come out on top in the Hyperloop pod design contest, which was taking place at Texas A&M University. 124 teams from over 100 universities spread across 20 countries were involved in the competition.