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Motorola Unveils Its First Android One Handset

Motorola and Google announced today a new Android One smartphone called Moto X4 Android One. The handset will be exclusively available in the United States for Project Fi users, making it the first Android One phone to launch in the country and first non-Google Project Fi

Android One Handset Might Reach The US

Google said numerous times that it is not giving up on the Android One platform and that it has big plans for it. After Xiaomi released first true mid-range Android One handset, Google is now rumoured that it might release its first Android One phone in the United States.

Motorola To Announce Android One Handset

Google has no plans on getting rid of the Android One project anytime soon and the tech giant wants to expand its offering. Just days after Xiaomi announced its first Android One smartphone, we are hearing that another company is working on a similar handset.

Moto Z2 Force Holds Up Great In Durability Test

Motorola's flagship Moto Z smartphones are known for having a shatter-proof display that doesn't crack easily. Not only that, but Motorola also gives a four-year warranty against shattering and cracking from the original purchase date. The only question now is how durable

Launch Date Of Moto X4 Finally Revealed

Early rumours were saying that Motorola plans to announce the mid-range Moto X4 alongside the flagship Moto Z2 Force, but obviously that never happened. Since then, many details and pictures of the smartphone have leaked online, but nothing has been said about the new launch date

Live Images Show Mid-Range Moto X4 From All Angles

Motorola's upcoming Moto X4 smartphone has been rumoured for months and we have yet to see the official announcement. The handset was expected to be announced alongside flagship Moto Z2 Force, but obviously that never happened. Today, a set of images from Anatel, Brazil's

Moto X4's Design Now Confirmed

The Moto X4 smartphone was previously rumoured to launch along side Moto Z2 Force on July 25, but that obviously didn't happen. Motorola has not announced an official launch date for Moto X4, but the smartphone is expected to be unveiled anytime soon.

Motorola Launches G5S, G5S Plus

A pair of smartphones in the G5 lineup has been unveiled by Motorola. The company's latest smartphones, the G5S and G5S Plus, include larger displays and superior processors compared to what's found in the G5. These will become available in Europe later in August.