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Netflix Reportedly Has $20bn In Debt

Netflix may be doing well in terms of subscriber growth, but its financial status is somewhat marred by the existence of $20 billion in debt, according to the LA Times. Much of that debt has accumulated due to the streaming service investing large amounts in original content.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Now Offers HDR Netflix

HDR displays still aren't typical in the smartphone industry and one of relatively few handsets with one is the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Though that has the potential to improve video quality, it only matters when applicable content is available, such as from Netflix.

Netflix Passes 100M Subscribers

Streaming service Netflix revealed it now has more than 100 million paying subscribers. Just in the past three months it was able to add 5.2 million customers. The last quarter saw more US customer additions than any quarter since 2011. That growth has come despite price changes.

Dolby Atmos Support Arriving On Netflix

Netflix is slowly adding support for Dolby Atmos sound to its lineup, starting with a limited range of devices and only one piece of original content. It'll then add the feature to more devices and content "over time." The first movie to receive Atmos is Okja, a recent film.

Young People Watch Netflix 2X More Than Live TV

Streaming services like Netflix generate far greater watch time among young people than traditional live television. According to a report from Trendera, teens spend 24% of their time on YouTube, 27% on Netflix, and 14% on live TV. Hulu and Amazon were at 4% and 3%.