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Young People Watch Netflix 2X More Than Live TV

Streaming services like Netflix generate far greater watch time among young people than traditional live television. According to a report from Trendera, teens spend 24% of their time on YouTube, 27% on Netflix, and 14% on live TV. Hulu and Amazon were at 4% and 3%.

Netflix Rolls Out Thumbs Ratings

Netflix's thumbs up/down ratings system is now rolling out to users. It's replacing the star-based rating system for movies and TV shows that's been in place for years. Netflix believes this new option will increase the likelihood of people giving their opinion on content.

Netflix To Support HDR On Mobile

Netflix is working to include HDR support for streaming video on mobile devices. Reed Hastings, Netflix's CEO, says the company is committed to offering HDR on all platforms. He made that statement while speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.