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Nintendo Switch Reaches 1M Sales In Japan

More than 1 million Nintendo Switch units have sold in the Japanese market in just 17 weeks. This kind of adoption pace indicates consumers in Japan really like the product. For comparison, it took Sony 49 weeks to reach a million sales with the PlayStation 4.

Nintendo Switch Getting Pokken Tournament Deluxe

Like with the Mario series, the first Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch is an updated version of an existing Wii U title. During a Nintendo Direct stream, Pokken Tournament Deluxe was announced for the system. The 3D fighting game will be out on September 22.

Sonic Mania Gets Release Date, New Trailer

Sonic Mania is going to be released on August 15, Sega has confirmed. The game was set to arrive this spring, but Sega pushed back its release date into the summer. A new trailer has been published for the title. It's a retro-style 2D game with both new and older levels.

Minecraft Reaches Nintendo Switch

Minecraft has been released for the Nintendo Switch. It comes with all of the same features found in the other console versions of Minecraft, including its multiplayer mini games. Even if you're using the handheld setup, Microsoft says it should offer 720p 60 fps performance.