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Nintendo Switch Could Have Used Cyanogen OS

Nintendo at one point considered using a Cyanogen operating system on a mobile game system, according to Kirt McMaster, former CEO of Cyanogen. McMaster said the company was contacted by Nintendo about making an OS for a "certain portable," which wasn't named.

Nintendo Switch Returning To GameStop March 22

Nintendo Switch units will be available at GameStop again in just a few days. The retailer says units will be available on March 22. Since the console's release in early March, it's been somewhat difficult to find it. Nintendo is said to boosting production.

GameStop Reports Big Nintendo Switch Launch

The Nintendo Switch is off to a good start, according to information from GameStop. Eric Bright, the retailer's director of merchandising, spoke with Game Rant and said the Switch's launch was one of the "strongest and most successful gaming console launches" in the recent past.

Nintendo Switch Uses Old Friend Codes System

Nintendo's Switch console is using friend codes, much to the dismay of users. It's an old system that was introduced in 2006 and it forces users to enter in 12-digit codes. However, there are some other options. Other options will be added in the future.