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Doom Reaches Nintendo Switch In November

Doom will become available on the Nintendo Switch next month, id Software has revealed. Marty Stratton, the game's executive producer, confirmed players will receive the entire campaign and all of the available difficulty modes. It arrives on November 10.

Nintendo Sold Over 5 Million Switch Units

Nintendo is currently enjoying the popularity of its Switch gaming console. While many people were skeptical about the Nintendo Switch, even Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of Pokemon company, the console turned out great in the end and Nintendo has now announced that they

Nintendo Switch To Get More FIFA Games

More FIFA titles are likely to be released for the Nintendo Switch moving forward, says EA. Fans of the series have been worried EA won't focus on releasing FIFA games on the platform after FIFA 18 arrives. But the company has indicated that's not the case.

Nintendo Sued Over Switch's Controllers

A lawsuit filed against Nintendo claims the Switch's detachable controller design is covered by an existing patent. The filing comes from accessory maker Gamevice, which holds patents covering tech used in the Wikipad, an Android tablet. Gamevice is seeking a monetary settlement.