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Nintendo Switch Initially Lacks Virtual Console

Virtual Console isn't going to be ready for the Nintendo Switch in time for the console's launch in early March. Nintendo has confirmed the feature "will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch." The feature gives access to retro games in a digital form.

Nintendo Will Let eShop Purchases Be Backed Up Online

When the Nintendo Switch is released next month, Nintendo will update the way eShop purchases are treated. They'll no longer be tied to your device and will instead be tied to your online account. This means re-purchasing items when you switch products isn't going to be required.

Nintendo Switch Won't Be Backwards Compatible

Microsoft brought backward compatibility to Xbox One so you can play older Xbox 360 games, but both Sony and Nintendo won't do the same for PS4 and Nintendo's upcoming gaming console. In an interview with TIME, Nintendo's President Tatsumi Kimishima clearly said that

Nintendo Switch Isn't Shipping With Browser

A web browser won't be available on the Nintendo Switch when it is released next month. CEO Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed to Time that Nintendo has been focused on gaming. As such, a web browser that most people probably aren't even going to use hasn't been included.

Nintendo Switch Confirmed To Get FIFA 18

FIFA 18 will be available on the Nintendo Switch, Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed. Peter Moore, the company's chief operating officer, revealed the game's availability on the Switch while speaking with Gamereactor. The company is "custom-building" a FIFA game for the platform.