News tagged: Privacy

Signal Now Has A Desktop App

Signal, a popular privacy-centric messaging app, now has a standalone desktop application. The app joins the service's mobile applications and its web messenger. Until now, encrypted conversations on a desktop required a Chrome web application to work.

OnePlus Secretly Collects User Data

OnePlus has some great flagship smartphones, but there are also some things many users didn't know. According to Chris Moore, owner of a UK-based security and tech blog, the company is secretly collecting user data without their permission. He found out that his phone

UK To Comply With EU Data Laws Post-Brexit

The UK may be pulling away from a long list of EU regulations as a result of Brexit, but it's not going to stray from the EU's data laws. According to a paper published on a government website, the country intends to continue complying with laws dealing with data handling.

China Bans Anonymous Online Posts

China is implementing harsher restrictions on online privacy, outright banning anonymous posts. The country's internet regulator revealed new regulations on Friday that include, among other things, a complete ban on anonymous content. Those rules go into effect on October 1.

China May Not Technically Block All VPNs

Though recent policies in China are leading to an apparent crackdown against VPNs, the country has pushed back against the recent claim that all VPNs will be blocked. Bloomberg recently reported all VPNs would be blocked next year, but a state-run site denies that.

ProtonVPN Offers Free VPN To Everyone

ProtonMail, a secure email provider, has expanded its VPN service to everyone. ProtonVPN has left its beta and can now be used by anyone without any expense. Like similar services, the software can help secure your internet connection, therefore enhancing your privacy.