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Razer Launches Game Streaming Software

Razer has released its own game streaming software for PCs, allowing you to send your gameplay to YouTube Live, Twitch, and other game streaming platforms. With a free account, you can use Razer Cortex: Gamecaster to stream your game at 720p and 30fps.

Razer Unveils A Smartwatch With Dual Screens

Razer is a no stranger to wearables, but it has announced a completely new smartwatch, which looks quite impressive. Dubbed the Razer Nabu Watch, the smartwatch comes in two versions - standard and Forged Edition, and both models feature unique dual screen system.

Razer OSVR Public Preorders Begin

Most virtual reality devices are not available to the public, so Razer is ahead of some companies in offering a headset to consumers. Preorders are now being accepted for the company's Open Source Hacker Development Kit 1.3. Razer previously made 10,000 units available.

Razer Now Owns Ouya

Razer has acquired Ouya's software assets in an all-cash deal and developers from Ouya are going to help with Razer's Android TV products. The hardware side of Ouya, which has struggled the most, was not part of Razer's buyout of the company. Ouya employees will move to Razer.

Ouya Acquired By Razer

Razer has acquired Ouya, the company behind an Android gaming console. Reports have built up since April stating Ouya was in financial trouble and needed to find a buyer. Those reports recently began saying Razer was talking with the company about a potential acquisition.

Razer Holds 50% Off Sale For 24 Hours

Razer is currently holding a 24-hour sale that has cut the price of all peripherals and accessories by 50 percent, and PC systems will also be available for 30 percent off. Beginning 9 p.m. EST on January 12, customers can go onto the Razer website and order one item at

Razer Nabu SmartBand Announced

At CES this year, Razer announced their own wearable gadget. No, it isn't a smartwatch, but rather a SmartBand dubbed 'Nabu'. The band features a tiny display (OLED) that displays select notifications from your connected Android or iOS device. There are two...

Razer Making A Gamepad for The Apple iPhone?

A leaked image, coming from none other than @evleaks, suggests that Razer may be working on their very own game controllers (gamepads) for the Apple iPhone. Apple's inclusion of a gamepad controller API in iOS 7 is what sparked off the interest of several companies.

Razer Starts Shipping First Edge Pre-Orders

Razer announced today at its own Facebook page that the company begins shipping its gaming tablet to customers who pre-ordered the unit last month. The Razer Edge and Edge Pro gaming tablets will come with pre-installed Steam software to launch their games earlier.